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Remember to Breathe
Sunday, 26 August 2012, 3:44 pm

Hello! My trials begin the day after tomorrow so wish me luck guys! :D I have been spending the past hour watching clicknetwork (lol!) so I need to make this post a really quick one so I can get back to my books. My last paper (Add Maths!) ends on the 14th of September so I highly doubt that I will be blogging until then, haha!
We'll be having our prom on the 29th of September, which is a day after my birthday and I'm actually quite worried that I havent gotten my dress yet! D: I actually saw quite a number of beautiful designer dresses when I was in SG but I did not buy any 'cos I was worried that my dress might not go with the theme (who knows if they decide on Safari theme or whatever!) and now I'm regretting 'cos most of my schoolmates got their dress already. SIGH!
So everyone, if you know where I can find really unique and gorgeous prom dresses, do let me know! ♥ 
And on to the pictures!

So my recent SG trip was a really short one, we arrived on a Saturday night and left on a Monday evening! It was pretty rush but we managed to go to most places like Ngee Ann City, 313@Somerset, IMM, Plaza SG, Far East and so on. :D We gave the H&M another shot but once again omg it is just too impossibly crowded! O: Went to a very hidden Charlie Brown Cafe near H&M and it is soo cute hehe! ♥
picture above is a really fancy bag which I bought from the Desigual in Taka! :D I am not sure if this brand is available in MY or not (maybe in Pavilion?). Le bag can be flipped open to be even bigger. :3 I know you cant really see but underneath it is a top I bought which is also from Desigual. :D
picture below  is a pair of headphones which comes free if you spend a minimum amount over there!

Here's a Big Bang mug which I bought for an all-time buddy, Zheng Yi! :D
So one thing that I have noticed as I was in SG is how technology has advanced so much, haha! My unnie and I were at NTUC and we were so shocked & amazed at the new digital price tag, lol! No more going through the hassle of finding out how much something costs when some idiot mixes up the price tags, haha! Oh and also how you can scan your own products now without a cashier! O:

The ultimate highlight of my SG trip! :D Some of you may have had a slight hint if you follow me on Twitter that I've finally, finally gotten my Juicy Couture Daydreamer bag! :DDDDD I have wanted this for more than a year now so you cant possibly imagine how happy I am now that I've finally gotten my own Juicy bag, nyahahahahah!! I am now complete!
picture above & below is my Juicy bag and the lovely key chain that came with it! :D
Speaking of Juicy, a day after I got mine we went into this shop at a corner of Far East Plaza which sells branded goods. I dont remember how much exactly but they were selling the exact same bag as mine but for double of the price of what I paid! O: Which is really ridiculous I think 'cos I got mine from a real Juicy outlet and furthermore the one at Far East plaza did not come with the Juicy key chain which most of Juicy bags should have. The key chain that came with theirs was just another simple key chain which you can buy from any other store & it didnt even have the "Juicy" logo. The shopkeeper insisted that all their products are genuine but haha I always believe that we should always buy branded goods from the real outlet itself. :>

And finally, I'm ending this post with a pic of my chalkboard countdown to SPM (it is now 70 days!) on my study desk! :D I know the chalk colors are very vibrant haha, they're the ones which I bought from Daiso in my previous haul post. Till next time & good luck to everyone having trials this month! :D


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