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Taking A Break
Friday, 13 July 2012, 9:40 pm

Hi! :D I know it has been over a month since my last post and I honestly feel really terrible about it. June was a really hectic and eventful month for me and it seems that time really flew by and it's July already. I actually have loads to blog about but I guess it'll be impossible for me to summarize everything into one post, lol. Having being so busy for the past month, I just realized only a coupla days ago how little time I have left to study before our trials (end of July) and then SPM. As much as I would love to devote all my time blogging about all my events, I'm not really sure myself when will I be able to blog again after this, sigh! ): If you've read my blog since I was in F3 you'd know that I kinda screwed up my PMR as I was too caught up with other things that I neglected my studies. I doubt that I can let myself make the same mistake again 'cos I really want to get into JC next year, and I know that it's gonna be really tough. So yeah, I really hope that everyone will understand. ):

So if you follow me on Twitter you'd know that the ultimate reason behind my hiatus is my class' senior pages! For the past month I have devoted every minute of my time whenever I'm not in school/tuition editing photos and designing our senior pages. As far as I've seen in previous yearbooks, the maximum number that most classes usually buy is only 4 but my class broke the record and bought 5, lol! It was kinda last minute so I must admit that I could have done much better if I were given more time, but right now I'm just really glad that it's over & I can finally focus on my studies. :D So far I have not seen other classes' designs yet but even if ours may not be the best, I will forever remember the process of putting them together and the many, many people who have guided me throughout the entire process. It was really tough for us to constantly come up with ideas, put the pages together and then having to start all over again 'cos it wasnt nice or didnt meet our expectations. I guess I was the only one in my class who knew a thing or two about photoshop but nonetheless, my classmates really helped me out whenever I felt like I was too tired and gave me their support and I guess that really changes a lot. A few of us actually argued quite a number of times 'cos we couldnt come to an agreement and also mostly because we were just so... exhausted. :\ I know that designing a bunch of stuff seems like a piece of cake but I think that doing our senior pages has really made me see things from a different perspective, that sometimes it's okay not to be the best and it's alright to ask for help when you feel like you're about to give in.
It's true that I didnt really like my class at the beginning of the year 'cos I was really upset that they streamed us, but now I wouldnt choose to be placed in any other than my own, lol!
pictures above are a few of the pictures we took for our senior pages! :D Here you can really see the difference in picture quality between my old and new lens, lol!

And here's a really random & unexpected pic of my new purse I bought from Debenhams a coupla weeks ago, lol! I promise that there will be more pics of stuff that I bought and hauls to come before my next hiatus (I know that's what you all want to see, haha!)!

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