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Friday, 8 June 2012, 11:45 pm

Aloha! :D I just had the sudden urge to download all of SHINee's MVs into my iTouch, lol! I just finished watching Shinhwa's Broadcast with SHINee a coupla days ago (full subbed episode one here!) and omg I super love their sunbae/hobae relationship, lol! My bias in Shinhwa used to be Eric back when I was watching Spy Myungwool. And yes, I am very aware of how similar Jonghyun and Eric look, haha!
So last Friday was Sunway Pyramid with Tracy and Sarah, mainly to celebrate Tracy's super belated 17th birthday! Teng Yan and Brandon were supposed to join us too but Teng Yan is too caught up with our school's upcoming Campfire Night whereas Brandon decided to FFK us again at the last minute like he did during Sarah's birthday celebration last year. Omg I havent seen Teng Yan in such a long time although we're in the same school, lol! Met up with Sarah at her place first then her momma dropped us off at Pyramid! :D

Met up with the belated birthday girl soon after Sarah and I got bought some stuff. We couldnt decide what to eat so in the end we settled on Carl's Jr. It was my first time having Carl's Jr in Malaysia and I must say that it's really different that the ones in Singapore! O: The Carl's Jr in Singapore is not halal so for those of you who havent tried it outside of Malaysia yet should really do, haha! The three of us shared a fish sandwich which was on Tracy, hehe!
picture above is our fish sandwich and fries! :D
picture below is the cupcakes we bought for Tracy from Cupcake Chic (I think the cupcakes there taste pretty average although I've heard a lot of good reviews about it)! :D

So before Tracy arrived Sarah and I went to buy a coupla cupcakes from Cupcake Chic for the celebration. We bought the cupcakes before Brandon told us that he wasnt coming and we were actually planning on buying 4 'cos we wanted to celebrate for both Tracy and Brandon. But somehow our instincts were telling us to buy two only so we did, haha! They ran out of candles so halfway through our Carl's Jr meal Sarah and I went candle hunting, lol! Sarah suggested that we just ask for one candle from Secret Recipe so we did, and surprisingly the cashier didnt ask us a thing and gave us a candle, lol!
picture above and below is the belated birthday girl and my new cutie BFF, the bunny! :D We actually bought it for someone else but zomgggg isnt it cute! ^ㅡ^ ♥

So Tracy suddenly had an emergency call from her mama and had to go back before we even surprised her. So Sarah and I immediately lighted the candle for her under the table when she was still on the phone, lol! She was really shocked/happy/sad at the same time 'cos her birthday was over super long ago and she had to leave early. I asked her to wish on her candle that she miraculously doesnt have to leave yet so we could all witness and see if wishes really do come true, hahah. And guess what? After she blew out the candle, she called her mama again and her mama said that she could stay longer! Coincidence or not, I guess it's up to you if you wanna believe it, haha! :D
We lighted the candle again after the good news for photography purposes, lol!
picture above and below Sarah and I with the birthday girl! LOL look at all the happy faces! :D

picture above I miraculously found a bunch of SHINee's older & Japanese albums at Speedy that day and after much, much consideration, I decided to buy the AMIGO album! :D Planning to buy the Type B of Lucifer (I already have Type A) and Sherlock as well! :D
picture below is the SHINee's glow stick which I bought quite long ago in Singapore but been too lazy to take a picture of it, lol! :D

So recently I've started to revamp my room again and because I have quite a lot of space, I have constantly been to IKEA to buy new furniture to fill my room up, lol! Even up until now I still have a lot of space left that I'm considering turning one side of my room into a walk-in wardrobe, haha! And because I have a lot of furniture now, I really have nothing else to put already that I decided to make a SHINee corner in my room! 8D I bought a stack of SHINee poker cards a while back so I decided to tack some of them on the front of my shelf! :D As you can see in the picture above, I put all my SHINee albums, bottle etc there too! Quite disappointed that I bought the stack during their Ring Ding Dong days, but nevermind! :D

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