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Taylor's OiC Camp 2012! [edited]
Monday, 28 May 2012, 2:21 pm

Hi everyone! :D
So yesterday was Taylor's OiC Camp at their Lakeside Campus with Jia Deng, Sarah, Tracy, Zhen Wei and Fiona! :D The programs actually began only at 9am but I arrived super early at about 8.20am 'cos I overestimated the traffic of a Saturday morning, lol! Luckily Jia Deng stayed only a coupla minutes away from the campus so she arrived really soon after that! :>
The beginning of the camp was quite disappointing actually! Jia Deng and I had signed up for Event Management whereas Tracy and Fiona for Fashion and Sarah and Zhen Wei for Finance. We were so disappointed when we realized that they separated us into different groups of different times, which means all of us will be attending our respective workshops alone! ): Initially they allowed us to swap our groups but they decided not to as more people registered. In the end, we persuaded Jia Deng and Zhen Wei (they were in a different group than the rest of us) to just blend in our group as we were assured that they wouldnt notice due to the humongous crowd, haha!

We were in the hall for 2 whole hours as the MCs were ice breaking etc, then we had an Amazing Race! :D We were in a group with 24 other people whom we've never met before. Pretty awkward at first but it was alright and quite fun I can say! :D Apparently our group name was Riot, lol! Really regret not taking pictures during the race 'cos we were too busy lah! ㅠㅡㅠ
picture above is the group sticker we all had to wear so we wouldnt get lost, lol!
picture below is Zhen Wei's bag & the folded free U-mobile bag we got, hahah! Took these when the sweethearts were helping Jia Deng and I buy our lunch at Subway! :D The queue was SO long it reached until the outside of the shop! O:

After lunch we all went straight to our workshops! After briefing us, the lecturer asked all of us to plan an event in groups of 5 so Jia Deng and I were teamed with 3 others from different schools. :> We had to either dance or sing in order to get the materials we need to make our banner. In the end, we planned a Cash & Carry event where you bid on a celebrity, and the highest bidder will get to spend a date with him/her. And it's for charity too! :D Hahah I guess because we were talking too much that we didnt have enough time to finish up our banner that it turned out so unattractive, lol! The other group banners were really nice, haha!
picture above is our fellow teammates! :D
picture below is 3/5 of our group members presenting our event to the lecturer. What do you think about our banner? Lol!

We had a short break after the workshops so we all met in Baskin Robbins! :D I tried a Cotton Candy scoop 'cos Jia Deng recommended it, quite nice actually but SO sweet omg! Jia Deng left after she finished her ice cream. We were supposed to attend a concert after our short break but decided not to 'cos we wanted to take pictures, hehe! :D

We really took ALOT of pictures and I love them all so I had a pretty hard time choosing a few to upload here! Most of the pictures are of Sarah 'cos we're helping her do her blog now and she needs some pictures, lol! There were plenty of geese at the lakeside too, hahah! They are so cute!
So anyway, in conclusion I guess we didnt really learn much throughout the camp but instead I got to know a lot of people from different districts and schools that I've never even heard of, lol! & also I got a chance to bring out my 50mm once again for use, hahah!
This batch of photos (especially the ones outdoors!) have to be my favorite one yet! :D The colors came out so perfectly just maybe a little out of focus, hahah! Ahhh I really wish I can post all of them up in full size but it'll probably block up my whole site, lol!


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