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Cant Get You Out of My Head
Friday, 18 May 2012, 10:37 pm

Hello & hello! ;D My MYEs just ended this morning! I'm really glad that I finally get to have some sleep now but I'm still feeling quite uneasy 'cos I'm pretty sure that I just screwed my exams, lol! But eitherway, it's not SPM yet so I promised that I'll make full use of the time I still have left to work really hard. I know that I've constantly been saying this for as long as I've blogged (LOL!) but this time, I really really mean it. :> /determined! 
Recently I've been super addicted to SHINee's Stranger from their new Sherlock album! It typically sounds kinda like a SuJu song to me but I really love the Sherlock album 'cos I feel that the 'JongKey feel' which was lost during their Lucifer album is finally back! But only a JongKey lover would ever understand how I feel, lol. & I really love it when Jonghyun is the one who starts the song, hehe! Link!

Today I'm finally gonna update about our Leo Charity Dinner, which I understand was super long ago, lol! It supposedly began at 4pm but we learned by experience that there's bound to be delays so we only arrived at Holiday Villa at around 5.15pm. :D Because I spent quite an amount at MAC before so I got a free makeup service and had my makeup done there for the event. Mei Yee and I met up at Alyssa's place when I did their makeup for them, then Zheng Yi came to pick us up afterwards. :>
picture above is my dress for the night! :> I know that you cant really see much from the picture but it's an extremely detailed dress, lol! It has a lot of lace and sequins all around it + it's a tube/tutu-like dress! :>
picture below is all the stuff I wore for the night! :> There's a pic of Wonder Girls there 'cos my hair for the event was inspired by Sohee's during their Be My Baby promotions. Black was not the color I had in mind but I decided to buy that pair of heels from Zang Toi 'cos I was running out of time, hahah. The sides of the shoes are lacey! :> & my Tiffany's bracelet, Juicy perfume and all the makeup from MAC that I bought. :> Initially I was planning to do my makeup myself and went to buy all the makeup from MAC, but after purchasing the cashier told me that I was entitled free makeup service so I ended up doing it there instead, lol. :X

It's a really rare decision for a girl to make, but after much much much consideration, I decided to bring my DSLR with my 50mm lens. :> I guess I was not willing to sacrifice beautiful pictures lorh! & personally, I do not trust other people with my pictures 'cos they either turn out super blur or ugly or they dont ever upload/send them to me! =.= Well, lugging around my Nikon was really worth it 'cos most of the pictures from the night came out incredibly blur, but incredibly beautiful as well! :D Though most of the pictures would have turn out x1000 much better if I had set the white balance properly, lesigh!

Here's a pretty funny and incredibly embarrassing part of the event, hahah! My heels for the night were incredibly uncomfortable so I took them off the moment after we had our dinner. After that Alyssa, Zheng Yi, Mei Yee and JD's classmate, Joshua were playing cards, while JD and I moved our chairs further away for a better view (we were initially facing a pillar =.=). So I put my shoes under our table and sat quite far away, hahah. In the midst of all this, the MCs were calling out for Best Dressed. So when they called my name I was so frustrated 'cos my shoes were quite hard to wear, and furthermore I had to walk all the way to the front of the stage (our table was all the way at the back). So technically, you can imagine how retarded I looked on stage, hahah. After that I swore that I really need to be less retarded, lol!
picture above & below is the deco on our table, hahah! & I really like this pic of Mei Yee! :D

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