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What Exactly is on My Mind
Sunday, 1 April 2012, 2:50 pm

Someday I would like to own one of these! *u*
Hellohello! :D Does anybody else think that the new Blogger look is very... straightforward? Hahah! So yesterday I was at 1U and I finally managed to buy my dress for Leo's Charity Night! & it's really exactly like how I had it in mind- lace and sequins! It's a tube dress and it's a really light shade of salmon pink in color, which is great 'cos my skin color really goes with salmon pink, hehe! Pictures next time, hopefully in my next post along with all the other Charity Night photos! :>
For the past week not everything went exactly the way we planned. Jia Deng, Jun Mae and I had actually given our money for the event to Zheng Yi a coupla weeks ago. But then problems arisen and the tickets were all sold out before we even gotten our table yet. ): A bunch assured us that we would get our table, but just to be safe Jia Deng and I agreed that since the both of us had gotten our dress already, we would wear them to Interact's IU instead if we couldnt go last minute. :>

picture above is my collection of lip gloss, lipsticks and the Lip Smacker that I just recently bought! :D I bought the Melon Kiss one 'cos I thought the packaging was very nice and it came in a set of 2. :> I like it so so much 'cos the melon smells super nice and sweet! Actually I'm quite neutral about the balm but I absolutely loveeeeeeee the liquid one! Shall go buy more of the fun flavored ones!

picture above Bought this cute piggy basket a few weeks ago to put all my rings! :>
Sigh tomorrow is Monday already and this time I have to be there in school 'cos recently the school actually sent me a warning letter for being MIA too often. u.u But whatever 'cos it's my last year already so I guess I still have quite a lot of warning letters to 'spare' before I can get expelled right! Hahah!

PS. I have been insanely addicted to SHINee's comeback song, SHERLOCK! ;D Jonghyun still looks great although his hair is a bit weird, hahah! & I'm really hoping that SM would let Taemin have his normal-short guy hair again or at least tie up his extensions! ㅠㅡㅠ But still, oh I’m curious, yeah. Sajin sok nega...


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