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We'll Pick Up Right Where We Left Off
Friday, 23 March 2012, 4:27 pm

Hola! :D So I've been going out quite a lot lately to look for a dress for our school's Leo Charity Night but until now I still have yet to find anything that I like hahah. Despite my sister starting college already, I'm really praying hard that we get to find a weekend to go to Singapore to buy my dress and everything else I want which I cant find here. *fingers crossed! Quite disappointing that our batch this year wont get to have a prom due to our new incredibly racist headmistress, but at least my classmates are willing to pay our for senior pages! :>
I skipped school again today like I have been doing for the past few weeks (LOL!) 'cos of my mom's sudden decision to go outstation. So for the whole day my sister (YEP SHE'S BACK! ;D) and I have been home alone & making our own decisions, LOL! I guess despite having to face teachers I really dislike (must emphasize on Mr. Gan, my physics teacher!), it's great to return to school once in a while to catch up with everyone else! :D

picture above is the bracelet from Tiffany's which I actually got for my birthday last year! :D Yes they're my initials and I'm really hoping to add more charms to it in the near future! :D Suddenly decided to upload this photo as I found it in my computer hahah.
picture below is the personalized name necklace I bought last weekend! :D I chose YEN 'cos I think my full name is too long hahah. Planning to get another one in silver cursive writing if I manage to find it!
So if you follow me on Twitter you'd know that recently I broke my tripod (ridiculous right!). What happened was that I was tightening the tripod head and the whole head just suddenly broke? I was so shocked 'cos I never even knew that it was possible for someone to break a tripod unintentionally! So I gotten a new one which is the Canon Eos one, and I think it's quite ironic also 'cos my camera's a Nikon but my tripod is a Canon hahah. Actually I kinda miss my old one 'cos this one is actually quite hard to use and compared to my old one, this one is not really that stable. & 'cos I'm the kind who leaves my camera on the tripod almost forever, I'm not really convinced that my camera wont fall off! Maybe it suits others but I guess Canon never really suits me. :>
P/S Did any of you notice the few tweaks I did to my layout? :D


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