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Be My Baby
Tuesday, 6 March 2012, 9:45 pm

HELLO! :D It has been nearly a month since I last updated but it doesnt really feel like it has been that long right? LOL! So our monthly tests just ended last week (hence the lack of updates!) and there are really no words to describe how much I am dreading to get back our results. & furthermore with my new smart classmates I'm really scared of being placed really behind in class, hahah. But to look at the bright side, I've actually miraculously gotten my first A+ of the year, which is the 98% I got for BM, hehe! ^ㅡ^ /happie/
Recently besides Big Time Rush, I've been listening a lot to Wonder Girls. :D I've actually been a fan of Wonder Girls since I was in Secondary 1 (and I'm in Sec. 5 now! O:) and Irony used to be my favorite song of theirs. :D I think Wonder Girls is the first group that I've ever liked without being bias towards one or two members like how I'm Jonghyun-biased in SHINee, Kendall, James and Logan-biased in BTR and Joon-biased in MBLAQ. I think Yubin, Yeeun, Sunye, Sohee and Lim all play equally important roles in the group and Wonder Girls just wont be the same without any of them. :D You guys should really go and check out their recent songs too like Girls Girls or Be My Baby or Me, In. All the links that I've provided are live btw 'cos I personally prefer to listen to live hahah. :>
Two weekends in a row I've been going to Daiso. ;D So if you know me you'll know that I seriously love Daiso very very much because I think all the stuff there are so kawaii and unique, LOL! & very often when people ask me, "OMG where did you buy that from?" most of the time my answer will be Daiso, LOL.
picture above (1) is actually what they call a shampoo brush? Actually to be entirely honest I dont really know what I was thinking when I bought it, LOL. But I think it's not a bad product besides the awfully heavy rubbery smell ('cos it's made of rubber). Maybe if you're really into those DIY massager stuff, you can get this to add to your collection? Hahahah. (2) is a super duper cute Minnie Mouse coin bank! :D FYI the blue ribbon at the right corner didnt come together with the bank, I actually stuck that on myself. :X (3) is my new bottle! It's actually pastel turquoise in color, comes in pink too but I actually like the turquoise one better hehe!
picture below is the mini stamps (also from Daiso) which I have been collecting. :D Can consider quite expensive but I actually use them quite a lot in writing letters and in my planner so ok lorh!

I dunno why either but Daiso is like filled with fluffy/furry stuff now? 8D
picture above is the adorable pink mittens I bought! ^ㅡ^ For the life of me I dont know when will I ever get the chance to wear them out so I dont know what was I thinking either when I bought them hahah. But they are so cute!
picture below more fluffy stuff I guess? I actually got 2 of the fluffy pouches, the smaller one is zipper to put my portable hardrive and the other bigger one is a drawstring pouch. :B And finally, the unbelievably cute bunny coin purse I actually bought for school, heheheh!
I realize my recent posts are more like hauls. :> But anyway, last last Saturday (25th of Febuary) I was actually involved in marching (?) for the Teacher-Parent Conference in our school. It was my first time participating in such events and it was pretty fun I guess? :D

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