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Soon We'll Be Together
Saturday, 11 February 2012, 9:43 pm

Hihihi! So if you follow me on Twitter you'll know that recently I've been super spazzy over another boyband, who is none other than Big Time Rush! :D I started watching the show on Nick every weekday evening ever since school reopened, but recently Nick has changed its schedule & now I have to wait 'till the weekends to watch the show. ): Which is very very depressing for me 'cos I'm barely home on weekends, sigh! But still, thank God the internet exists and right now Big Time Rush is making me rethinking SHINee as my ultimate love! O: My first love was Kendall (upper left) at first, then as time passed I began loving James (lower right) too. And now Logan (upper right) is really starting to grow on me, hehe!
Well I dont know how long this fandom will last, maybe until SHINee finally comes back? But I guess it's great to spazz over a group that I actually understand what their singing/saying once in a while. :D
SO. We had our last cross country today and I guess I had quite alot of fun with Jia Deng, Tracy and Mei Yee although it was super tiring! I even brought my iTouch to spread the Big Time Rush love, hehe! We even made a stop at JD's classmate's house for a water break, LOL! :>

In today's post I'm finally gonna upload all my pictures taken during/for my Singapore Christmas! :D Didnt take many pictures and most of them turned out blurry (as usual), and my same excuse would be because I was using my new lens, hahah. Pictures above are both from Raffles City after we had our buffet Christmas dinner at Buffet Town (really recommend it!). Picture above: Can you spot the two love birds? So sweet! ^ㅡ^

Presents from myself, for myself! :D Guess bag for a super great price at Takashimaya, the Hello Kitty facial masks from Sasa and the Bioré face wash I had to buy from SG 'cos as usual, it's not available in Malaysia yet even after soooo long. =.= I guess I didnt really buy alot of things right, haha! But I really did buy alot of clothes! :>

SHINee scheduler, Juicy Couture's Couture Couture perfume, Dior La Collection Femme (did I get it right?) and the super cute Hello Kitty shower gels (there's actually 4 of them, but you can only see 2) I received. :D The SHINee scheduler is super nice inside, there are different pictures on every page, a 2012 calendar etc etc. You must get it if you're a shawol ok! :D & I was really happy to get my first ever Juicy product 'cos as I've mentioned before, I super loveee Juicy! & as for the Kitty shower gel, you can take out the clothes and unscrew the head to use it, hahah! So cute!
I realize that I really like taking pictures of shops and their products, which is what I did alot when I was in SG. Some of them turned out really great but I had to delete them 'cos I kena caught by the security guards or shop keepers, LOL! How I wish they allow photography in shops!

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