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A New Begining [edited]
Monday, 16 January 2012, 1:54 pm

Hello and hello! :>
I've got about an hour left before I'm going back to school again for CCA so I really hope that I'll make it in time to finish this post! :D So it's the begining of the third week of school now and things are getting very much better than it was during the first few days. As I've stated in my previous post, all of us were streamed randomly this year so Tracy, Teng Yan, Alyssa, Sarah and I are all no longer in the same class. ): But to look at the bright side, at least I'm in the same class as Brandon and Min Rui and I'm slowly begining to adjust to my new classmates! :> Really hope that all will be well, hehe!
SO. I've been going to school with my brown highlights but so far I havent gotten into much trouble yet. Though I've often been questioned and gotten stares from others but it's alright. Just the other day when I was detained from going to class for the first coupla periods for being late to school (for the first time in my life), Pn. Sujatha actually saw that my hair was colored but she actually believed me when I said that it was natural, hahah! Lucky? :3
The Christmas/New Year gifts that I got for Tracy, Brandon, Teng Yan and Sarah! :D They're actually USB drives and the alphabets are their initials. I stuck the diamentes on myself one ok! Hope they really liked them! Though I admit they werent really stuck on perfectly as you can see some of the glue by the sides of the diamantes. ):

Tracy's 17th birthday was about a week ago! :D The first picture is of the 'book' I specially made for her, which consists of all our memories in 2011, from my transerring into 4F, our adventures every Wednesday etc! :> Contains a total of 50pages you know! At the back are all my books which I have read since I was a little girl. Dont judge! :B
The second and third pics are of among the many, many gifts which Sarah and I have prepared for her. A Majolica Majorca lipgloss (love it!), two Montagnue Jeunesse facial masks, an FTimber purse, a bunch of accesories, a notebook and a bunch of SHINee stuff. :>
[update] currently sick once again like every other year when Chinese New Year is nearing. u.u

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