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Here We Go Again [edited]
Tuesday, 3 January 2012, 1:55 am

Happy New Year, everyone! ;D
2011 really flew by super quickly and I still cant believe that it's 2012 already, LOL. Usually I'd prefer to stay home on New Year's Eve but this time we had a 3K class party at Philip's place (more about this next time!). ;> It was a pretty great year and I thought that spending the last day with 3K would be a great way to end 2011 and to welcome the new year. :D Alot of stuff has happened (ups and downs) and I think 2011 was the most eventful year so far. From moving on from 3K to 4F, making new friends, taking up new subjects, our ponteng times in the library until someone storms in screaming at us (LOL!), our adventures every Wednesday when we were supposedly having EST (LOL!) etc. Although I know that we would all be busy studying for SPM, I really hope that 2012 would be another great and eventful year as it's our last year in school. And I'm really glad to announce that I've successfully accomplished ALL of my 2011 resolutions yay! ^ㅡ^ (Y)
So like I did for the past two years, I'm going to summarize everything that has happened in 2011 in this post! ;D
List #6: Things that Happened in 2011
01. I've moved on from 3K and into a new class, 4F and made lots of new friends besides gotten alot closer to Brandon and Tracy (whom I've known since primary but we drifted apart when we came to secondary).
02. I've finally gotten my Nikon D3100 and I think that my photography has improved alot from last year. /proud
03. I've dyed my hair a total of 4 times this year, LOLOL! I've also highlighted my hair a really light shade of brown when our year end holidays begun. :>
04. I've also reunited with my best friend from primary, Pui Yi who visited our school one day, hahah!
05. I've failed my Add Maths papers 4 times in a row and never managed to pass a single time the whole year, LOL!
06. I've spent the two periods right after recess almost every Wednesday at either Jia Deng or Jun Mae's class talking crap 'cos I refused to see Pn. Chow Mee Wah. :D
07. We've walked from school all the way to Taipan, Summit or Bliss almost every Wednesday when we were supposedly staying back for EST. :X
08. I've blogged a total of 22 times in 2011 and right now I currently have 247 followers already yay!! I really really cant thank you all enough for supporting! 감사합니다, ありがとう, 谢谢你! ^ㅡ^
09. I've become very much more independent, daring and the girl from 4 years ago who knew no limits is finally BACK! ;D ohyeahbaybeh!
10. Realise that I've dranked alot this year as well! O:
11. Spent the periods after recess almost every day during the first half of the year LOLing with Tracy, Brandon, Pei Jin, Zheng Yi and whoever that conveniently joins us at our table until Pn. Sujatha, En. Selva, Pn. Tan or whoever storms in and starts to scream, then we faster run out the back door ('cos we usually sit all the way at the back), LOL!
12. I also have remained loving SHINee and KIM JONGHYUN for another year, which means I've been a shawol for two years already awwww.
13. Went for my first concert after soooo long, hahahah! Though I guess you cant really consider it a concert 'cos it was only Suara Kami, but whatever! :b
14. Went for our school's choir musical for the first time with Tracy and Zheng Yi. Brandon was supposed to come as well but he suddenly FFKed us so Cheong Chun replaced him. :D
15. Threw Teng Yan and Sarah a super surprise birthday celebration together with Tracy & Brandon! Teng Yan's was at Bubba Gump while Sarah's Sakae Sushi. :>
16. Also threw Su Ann a surprise birthday party with the rest of 3K at her own house, LOLOL!
17. I also managed to take loads of wonderful pics! :')
18. Went out shopping for the first time in 3 years with fellow 3Kians Jia Deng, Mei Yee and Alyssa! Jun Mae couldnt make it, unfortunately. D:
19. Tragically lost a few of my closest friends who have either transferred schools or left overseas to further their education, sigh. But at least I also got very much closer to people that I've only met in 2011 like Sarah and Teng Yan! :D
And the list goes on and on, really. :> In conclusion, I'm really satisfied with everything that has happened in 2011. But what really surprised and moved me the most in 2011 was towards the end of the year when everything began to fall apart, with the leaving of my sister for 3 months and the streaming of our classes (I'm now currently in 5C). It felt like everyone saw right through me and took really good care of me during that period of time, even those whom I never shared my problems with. Well, it kinda made me realise that everything's going to be okay no matter what happens. Like, sometimes just with the presence of people like that really makes you feel like nothing could possibly go wrong, even when the world is coming to an end or whatever. Like they were Godsent to protect you without even saying a word. :") Have you ever felt that way about a person before? :>
But moving on, I shall create a resolution for 2012! :D
List #7: My New Year 2012 Resolutions! ;D
01. Put aside procrastination and study REALLY hard to achieve my goal for SPM. No slacking!!!!
02. Be really active in CCA and achieve at least 70 CCA points.
03. Get into the Top 15 again in class at least once more before I graduate whooooop!
04. Take lots of pictures and further improve my photography skills!
05. Continue remaining a shawol and a blinger for the next upcoming years! :>
06. Try really exotic things like sheesha, getting a tongue piercing etc! :D
07. Finish off the final touches of my room until it becomes paradise.
08. Keep in touch with my ex-classmates & non-Seafieldians. Especially my Hillgrovians.
09. Blog as often as possible and remain a dedicated blogger! :D
09. Improve my Add Maths and get at least a D for it for SPM! :D
10. Go crazy and live life to the fullest with no regrets!


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