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Hello, troublemaker
Friday, 27 January 2012, 6:00 pm

( http://iamyenzhou.tumblr.com )
HOWDY! ;D CNY this year was super short for me as my sister had to report back to her NS camp within a week. But it's alright 'cos I'm not really a CNY fan myself, hehe. Pretty much spent most of my time doing my add maths homework 'cos I'm really hoping to improve my grades this year! :> Yes, my CNYs are so so so super boring every year, hahah! Well usually I save up all my CNY money but this year I'm planning on spending it on something that I've been wanting for quite a while now. eg. a Juicy Couture bag, teeehee! I'm a big big Juicy fan and I saw that it was finally in stock at the Juicy store at Ngee Ann, Singapore but I didnt buy it 'cos I already bought another bag that day. :\ Really regret so I'm not gonna let it get away for the second time! (:<

We went to Hyatt Hotel, Kuantan to chill on the first day of CNY. ;D I was really excited 'cos I absolutely love hotel shots & it's an extremely rare occasion that I would get to go to a 5-star hotel! Pictures are slightly blur & out of focus though 'cos I was over excited, hahah! & it was really empty 'cos it was already past midnight, hehe. :>

The chocolates at the restaurant & everyone at the table. :> Well, this year all my CNY clothes are very lacey and sequin-ish 'cos currently I'm mad in love with laces and sequins! :D
My lovely shoes I bought the day before CNY from Bonia. :> Really love them ttm! & please ignore my horrendous nails 'cos I didnt have time to properly remove my blue nail polish + repaint them with the nude color that I bought. =.=
OH. After much, much consideration, I've decided that I wont be continuing my Princess Birthday posts as my birthday was such a long time ago (LOL!). But I will be uploading the pictures once in a while. AND I also will be doing my Singapore Christmas post 'cos many of you have requested for it. :D

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