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Wont Someone Stop This Song?
Friday, 30 December 2011, 12:39 am

HELLO! :D So today was Sunway Pyramid with Sarah and Tracy and it was a pretty funny event, hahah! Initially we planned to meet up at the main entrance at 11am but once again like what happened during Teng Yan's surprise birthday celebration, Tracy sesated again and only managed to meet us much later on. Teng Yan couldnt make it and Brandon actually agreed to meet us at first but suddenly FFKed and ruined our plans! D: So for the first few hours, Sarah and I were looking for gifts and by the time we were done, Tracy called and asked to meet up at the KFC at the shoplots, which is two roads across from Pyramid since she had to walk all the way from home. It was a one way street so Sarah and I crossed when there were no cars/motorcylces (the traffic was pretty heavy) but then a motorcycle came from the wrong direction and nearly hit Sarah! D: We were totally shocked and Sarah apologized to the guy on the motorcycle 'cos she thought it was our mistake while he gave us some bitch face. =.= We stoned there for a while, confused until we realised that the dude was trying to beat traffic 'cos he was clearly on the wrong side of the road!! D:< Sarah really regretted apologizing to him and even when we were waiting in KFC for Miss Ten, we still couldnt believe it, hahah.
So our first stop when we got back into Pyramid with Tracy was Sakae Sushi 'cos Sarah was hungry. She was busy ordering on the iPad (LOL!) so I walked to the other wing to Cupcake Chic to get cupcakes as a substitute for a whole birthday cake. Initially wanted to buy 3 since there were 3 of us but the cashier made me choose either 2 or 4, so I bought 2. I brought my new humongous bag so I managed to hid them inside, hahah!
picture above:
Tracy and I and our food! :D
Super like this pic! ;D Birthday girl making her birthday wish! :> Hehe the pink and blue cupcakes that I bought together with the Happy Birthday candles so cute! ^ㅡ^ BTW, the candles are individual alphabets (sold together) which I bought from Cupcake Chic as well but we only put the H & B on, LOL!
Actually the day before, I told Sarah that we were going to Pyramid to celebrate Tracy's birthday while I told Tracy that we were going to celebrate Sarah's birthday. My initial plan with Brandon was that we go to Bubba Gump to surprise both of them and celebrate both their birthdays but Brandon FFK so I had a change of plans. :\ Tracy's 17th birthday is in January 2012 so we still have time! :D We took really funny videos as well in Sakae, LOLOL!

Daiso & Kitschen afterwards and I lost the golden wings ring that I was wearing. )': We walked around to check but we couldnt find it. Instead Sarah found another golden superman ring by the escalator, LOL. Coincidence much!
Sarah left soon after so Tracy and I had about 15mins left before we left so we went up to Etude House to stare at SHINee! OMG their Etude House poster so cute heheheheh!!! ^ㅡ^ ♥ ♥ ♥
It was a pretty fun day! :D Though I'm very sad that our pictures didnt turn out very sharp and partially out of focus as this is my first time bringing my new lens to an outing. U.U But nevermind, practice makes perfect! ;D


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