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Give Me Something to Sing About
Thursday, 22 December 2011, 11:20 pm

3 more days to Christmas!
Hellohello! I guess this will be my last post until I return from Singapore, which is where I'll be leaving for super early in the morning tomorrow. :D Definitely bringing my camera with my 50mm and I'm really hoping to return with loads of beautiful pictures! I'm super mad in love with my 50mm lens now, heeh!

SO last night when I couldnt sleep I spent almost the entire night reading back my past entries from 2007 (Primary 6- when I first started to blog) and 2008 (Secondary 1). I genuinely cant believe that the person who wrote all that is the same person as who I am now. :\ I think back then was when my blog really was a place where I could honestly pour out all my feelings, problems and even blog about those happy times, with every little detail included. I used to blog everyday and there were also days when I had blogged more than once. To be entirely honest, eversince my blog posts had become less and less meaningful, especially this year when I barely blogged about any of my events, sometimes it's so disappointing that I dont even feel like blogging anymore. Ever. When I read back my older posts (especially the ones in 2008-2009 about all the crazy things that has happened in school), it really reminds me of all the great times we had that I've completely forgotten by now. If only I hadnt lost my dedication towards blogging I just know that 2011 would have been a spiffy year to read about a few years from now. u.u Sigh.
And with this, I've made a promise to myself that I would blog properly with more dedication from now on. Although I guess this would be a pretty tough promise to keep knowing that I'll be busy with school again in a while. But I'll do it for the sake of my memorabilia! You'll never know if you never try right! :D

Anyway, if you follow me on Twitter then you'd probably already know what my most recent holiday project was. :D What could it be that it involves a pair of tweezers and a bottle of super-strong craft glue? I think the answer is pretty obvious, hahah. :X

Ta-da! I've decided to pimp my Lollipop 'cos for the past coupla days I've been seeing alot of girls who are currently using the same phone as me (which I dont really like) 'cos it's really cheap now. So the other day I suddenly had this great idea to pimp my phone and here's the end-result! :D The ribbon is pink with white polka dots while there's a chain of pearls at the bottom of the phone. There werent many options for me to consider as I didnt wanna cover up the LED light in the front. Not bad right? :>


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