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The Best of Both Worlds [edited]
Wednesday, 14 December 2011, 12:02 am

(Onew, Jonghyun, Key, Minho, Taemin )
Hihihi. Pictures for Part III of my Princess Birthday post isnt ready yet 'cos I've been too lazy, hehe. It's already December now and 2011 is about to end. And am I ready to face 2012? Not really 'cos it feels like I havent accomplished anything yet this year. u.u But to look at the bright side, I've still got about 3 more weeks to do whatever it is I want 'till it's new year's, right? :D /saving this for my summary of 2011/
So I've been going out quite alot lately- shopping, outings, gatherings etc. Just went out with Jia Deng, Alyssa and Mei Yee for the first time last Friday to Pyramid and coincidentally bumped into my baby and Su Ann, Ngee Jin, Ruth, Rachel and alot of other people from primary. Really hoping to meet up with a bunch of other people too before 2011 ends.
The two tattoos I've gotten the other day. The first one is behind my right ear while the second one is at the side of my right wrist. Only when I came home did I realise that it was actually pretty weird to get two exact same stars on two different places, hahahah. What's next? Maybe a tongue piercing? :>
Also went to Singapore a coupla months ago in the midst of our finals to look for my sister's prom dress. Brought my camera and my new lens along! ;D Before we decided to look in Singapore, we really went from Sunway Pyramid to Midvalley to 1U etc but it was really impossible to find one that she liked.
In the end, we finally found her dress at Far East Plaza! Actually when I first went into Far East Plaza, I thought that it was another place like Summit but after going there again, it really changed my mind. :D
I've also finally finished watching SHINee's Hello Baby this hols! :D I admit that previously I wasnt really fond of the other 3 members and my ultimate bias was Jonghyun followed by Key. But after watching Hello Baby, it really changed my opinion on Onew, Minho and Taemin and I like SHINee more as a whole now. :> But of course, Jonghyun is still my ultimate bias, teeeeeheeee!!

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