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Princess Birthday (Part II)
Monday, 21 November 2011, 11:48 pm

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Hola! Parents left town during the weekend so I had no choice but to stay home on a Saturday. Hence, I decided to put up our Christmas tree and only when I was nearly done did I realise that Christmas is more than a month away, LOL! But eitherway, most of the stores have put up their Christmas decorations and are playing Christmas carols already and I am extremely excited for Christmas in Singapore already!! Cant wait for all the Christmas decos + ridiculously cheap sales + shopping like there's no tomorrow! Shall make a shopping list before I leave! ^ㅡ^
But anyway, here's Part II of my Princess Birthday post! ;D
Meet my new buddy, the 50mm f/1.8G! ;D The lens next to the box is my old one which is temporarily put to sleep for now. I'm still trying to learn and get used to it and therefore most of the pictures in all of my birthday posts are taken using my new lens. :D
Laurent Bernard chocolates all the way from Singapore! ;D Tried the round one and it's super nice 'cos of the pastry but unfortunately I didnt get to try the square one as it was full dark chocolate so it was too heaty for me. ㅠㅠ Came in a box of two each for me too!
I actually picked this out myself, hehe! Full suede leather sling bag from TOPSHOP! ;D Super like it 'cos it's a sling bag & it's neither too big nor too small, perfect size for outings etc. ^ㅡ^ & I really needed a new bag 'cos I've been using the same ones for years now, LOL!
Cloud 9, Choclairs and Chupa Chups from Zheng Yi, LOL! Brandon: "Yesterday I walk all the way from school to F&G to buy with him one arh!"
Crop Top from Pull & Bear! :D The print is actually is world map so if you're lost, come look for me! ;D Realise I have alot of crop tops these days LOL.
Coming soon: Part III of my Princess Birthday post! ;D

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