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Princess Birthday (Part I)
Monday, 14 November 2011, 12:07 am

HELLO! ;D I'm finally back after a really unexpected hiatus, LOL! My excuse this time would be 'cos our finals had just ended and our exams this time round is supposed to be really important 'cos the classes we'll be streamed into next year would be based on the results we get. So I guess I'll have plenty of time to update now 'cos we're already on holiday! && my sister would be seating for her SPM starting from tomorrow, and I genuinely pray for nothing but the best for her and I really hope that she'll excel!
I know I'm nearly 2 months late (LOL!) but this post shall contain plenty of photos of what I got for my birthday! ;D Initially I was planning on celebrating my birthday with Tracy and Zheng Yi at lunch at Summit but I felt awfully lazy to walk all the way there from school and staying at home was much more appealing to me that day, hahah!
This is the first gift that I got that day- Baskin Robbins green tea ice cream! ;D Was extremely thrilled to get this 'cos I'm a big big green tea fan, LOL! And you can see extremely clearly from all the finger prints that I had just taken it out from the freezer, hahah.
Hello Kitty notebook! One of the many, many gifts from the beloved Tracy, Sarah, Brandon and Teng Yan! & if I'm not mistaken, Lick Yin, Jack Wann and Zheng Yi shared for it as well. But my bad Kitty dustbin had to get in the light so the notebook looks partially dark. ):
Another one of the gifts from them, a Kitty handbag! ;D I super like the super cute zipper, like super chio max right?! LOL! It's actually gold in color on both sides, it's just that the reflection of my camera made it appear black. :> Oh oh and btw, it was strictly emphasized that the Hello Kitty stuff I got from them are all genuine Sanrio, LOL!
Peeking out from the inside of the bag is another flavor of the same 2% drink I got from my birthday last year! :> This must have been from Miss Ten, who had stuck a heart-shaped note on most of the gifts, LOL! She must have been ever more excited than I was, hahah!
A pause to all the Hello Kitty gifts, I've also gotten SHINee's Japanese Juliette album all the way from Singapore! ;D Really happie 'cos I already have most of SHINee's Korean albums but not one of their Japanese ones. :>
Coming soon: Part II of my Princess Birthday post! ;D
P/S The names of most are not be mentioned. But you know who you are! ;D

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