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We'll Be A Dream
Saturday, 24 September 2011, 12:41 am

Hello Kitty, Cinnamoroll, My Melody, Little Twin Stars, Marie Aristocat
Omaigawd they're all so cute! ^^^^^^ ♥ ♥
Hola!! So last Saturday was pretty awesome 'cos us Seafieldians were pretty lucky enough to be chosen to go for this flashmob thingie for the Suara Kami concert at Stadium Merdeka. We had to learn this really lame dance on Monday which they filmed and put luckily not on tv for the advertisement but online instead. So I didnt get to see it either, hahahah. We signed up 'cos we would get an international cert just by joining the flashmob & we get a bus to send us to the stadium to attend the concert for free, teehee. :> Initially, Alyssa was supposed to come with us too but she couldnt last minute 'cos of her Eco Rangers' zoo trip (which I bailed last minute 'cos I didnt want to skip the concert heeeeh). So it was me, Tracy, Teng Yan, Sarah, Brandon, Jack Wann and Pei Jin that day. :D
Edited with the help of Ice Pandora's tutorial! Not bad, right? :D Took quite alot of photos but most of them werent really pretty & impossibly blur 'cos I was too scared to bring my DSLR so I had to use my old Sony Cybershot, hahah! Sadly, Pei Jin didnt get to take with us 'cos she was in a different bus. U.U And hello to my fellow mata sepets, hahahahah! ;DDD It was raining pretty heavily when we arrived before the concert started so we all had to look for shelter to eat the KFC meal that they provided, LOL! We were SO lucky 'cos the rain stopped when it was time for us to go into the stadium and the few of us managed to run to the very front corner of the stage (a BIG corner too!). & the best part is that it was raining the whole time throughout the concert & only the front of the stage had any shelter. And also the fact that we could see backstage and see the people getting ready at the back right before their performances. I waved and said hi to whoever that looked our way although I didnt know who on earth they were, LOLOL! But the sad thing is we were next to the humongous conffetti thingie, which who knew could erupt any time. And maybe a bunch of suckish people too. =.=
The t-shirt, recycle bag & ticket wristband they gave us. Actually they came with a cap too but I lent mine to Jack Wann 'cos he lost his. All of us had to wear the same shirt and they really cheated us man, LOL! Initially, the prefect who spreaded the word told us that we could wear anything we wanted, so most of us took the trouble to dress up really nicely and all. But when we arrived at school, we had to fight for our own t-shirts 'cos they only came in really HUGE sizes. So most of us looked really stupid that day, hahah!
So the performers were a bunch of unknown local and maybe a coupla Indonesian artists, so most of us attended to concert just to see Nelly and Rania. Rania sang Dr. Feel Good, Masquerade and this ballad and I honestly thought it was kinda boring LOL. & they were lip syncing too! D: But the most boring of all would have been the local rock bands & we were like sitting on the floor saving our energy for later LOL! The best would have been (of course) Nelly, he sang Just A Dream, Party People, Hot In Here and Dilemma. I didnt know Nelly was the one who sang Party People, Hot In Here and Dilemma if not I would have memorised the lyrics beforehand, LOL!
I touched: Nelly, Najib, a bunch of local artists I dont know and a bunch of random unknown dancers' hands, heheheh! *ok no one to be proud of. A bunch of my friends told me that we appeared ALOT on tv live during the concert, hahahah! We were right in front of the camera too. :B

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