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In My Life
Sunday, 4 September 2011, 6:00 pm

세상에 무릎 꿇고 눈물 흘를때
폭풍 속 발 멈출 때, 그대만 서 있다면
이런 아픔, 눈물쯤 참을 수 있는걸요
All I want is you, only one is you in my life.
Hellohellohello!! :> Just got back from seafood dinner at Klang, teehee! <3 I've been going out quite alot lately during our Raya break so I kinda missed out alot on study time. :X & school is reopening again the day after tomorrow, oh noez! I needa start (or perhaps attempt!) preparing for our finals 'cos I'm afraid that we'll be streaming next year & I also wanna try to apply for scholarships this year end to see where I can go after F5. :B I'm not expecting much but I really hope I could at least pass my Add Maths for the first time this year, LOL!
So on Thursday it was Sunway with Tracy, Brandon and Sarah to have a surprise celebration for Teng Yan's 16th birthday! :D Tracy and I were supposed to arrive earlier so that we could get the cake, buy the gifts and make the reservations at Bubba Gump together before the others arrived, but in the end Tracy sesated so I went to Diva first to get the necklace that my outfit of the day was lacking (LOL!) & whatever nearby shops to look for a gift. I actually planned to get a bottle & a pencil box for Teng Yan but I was kinda sesat also 'cos I seldom go to Sunway, nevermind having to wander around myself, LOL! So in the end I got Teng Yan a pretty bear with chocolates from Famous Amos & a candy hamper as Philip's belated birthday present! :> Had it prettily put into a nice box and had the lady at S&J tie a pretty ribbon around it too! :b
Went straight into Bubba Gump when the rest arrived. The 5 of us shared 2 appetizers 'cos the portions were really big, LOL! Tracy and I shared a margarita too, which tasted really awful at first but was pretty alright afterwards when we mixed the ice into the glass. They kinda served us alot so Tracy and I were feeling buzzed when we were done, hahahah! ♥ Nevermind Teng Yan 'cos even Brandon and I were sooooo surprised 'cos the waiters were supposed to wait 'till we asked them to but they suddenly appeared singing some funky song while holding the cake Tracy bought for Teng Yan, hahah! If you want your birthday cake, let me see your booty shake muahahahah!
Us girls & the blackforest cake that Tracy bought! ;D Took quite alot of pictures but I guess this is the most decent one I can find so far 'cos neither Brandon nor the Bubba Gump staff knows how to work the camera well enough, hahahah! But I'm in no position to complain either 'cos I know my outdoor-in-a-public-area photography pretty much sucks as well, LOL! :X By the time we finished our meal we were too stuffed to finish the cake although it was so super nano pico so Teng Yan had to ta pao heehhh!
The keychain Brandon, Sarah and I designed in school before the hols started! :> It's kinda easy to do so you can try it out yourself if you want, all you need is a toaster oven and some materials I got from Daiso. :D But I think the biggest issue is how ridiculously small it shrinks into! Like less than a quarter of its original size, maigawd. =.=
So after lunch we went into a bunch of other random shops. Initially wanted to take neoprints but all the booths were removed and the place became an arcade instead, sigh! U.U /depressed/
Finally DIYed my nails after leaving them bare for too long! Sho pretty right LOL!!! ^^^^^ Though I shall admit that my index finger wasnt really done very properly 'cos my index nail isnt as square as the others. Plus by the time I did my index finger (I started from my pinky), I was so sien and frustrated already, hahahah.
Sunway is getting kinda boring already but eitherway it was nice going out with them for the first time, heeh! Sarah and Brandon were the first to leave, then Tracy and I shared a Subway sandwich while we waited for Teng Yan's mom so arrive. Temaned Tracy until about 7.30pm when I went home. Bought a pair of pretty earrings from some shop called Doodle too. :> I was wearing my black gladiator flats that day so by the time I went home my feet was hurting like siao, LOL! Kk, I shall go continue watching XX's Guide to Life nao, LOL! (Y)

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