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Goodbye Baby
Monday, 26 September 2011, 9:57 pm

Good evening! Tonight shall officially be my night off from studying! :D Our finals are coming in about 2 weeks' time and I am miraculously studying in advance? LOL! So anyway, I've been thinking about getting the new Blackberry Bold for my birthday this Wednesday but I'm only interested in getting the white one, which tragically only releases on October 15th. Actually, I really wish that they would release both the black and white versions together or maybe show us how the white one would look like so that I would know if it would be worth waiting for, hahah! I decided that if the Lollipop 2 suddenly decides to release here, I'll get that instead 'cos it's so cute & so much cheaper too! So until then, we shall see. :> & I'm really, super excited on getting my new lens too!! ^^^^^^^
I guess this picture is pretty old, about a month already, hahah. :X But I've finally gotten my SHINee World in Tokyo DVD already, teeeheee!!! ^ㅡ^ I watched it the moment I got home & I have to say that my favourite performance of all is really "Life". It was one of the few songs that they really sang live & I think that Jonghyun and Onew too really sang it very well. You can watch it on Youtube too @ http://youtu.be/o7HXpH-vE9I. :D I think I've replayed it at least 100000000 times on my iTouch already, trololol!
I even blinged my air-cond remote control, LOL! Didnt do this out of lifelessness, okay. Actually, I've been wanting to bling something for quite a while already since I have so much materials, but I really dont have the heart to bling my cameras/phones/ipods, so what better than my air-cond remote control? LOL! Next shall be my fan & light remote controls. :> Though this picture like very blur lor.
Last random picture of the day! My new pink scientific calculator, muahahahahahah! :> Which is also (for now!) my motivation to revise my suckish Add Maths, hahah! I stuck the black cat there myself btw. :> Though half of the tail is gone already 'cos I've been keeping that sticker for at least 5 years, LOL! ;DDD

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