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Bubble Pop
Tuesday, 9 August 2011, 10:20 pm

49 more days (Y)
to my 16th birthday! *u*
HELLO! :3 At this rate, I think this blog is pretty much dying if not already dead, hahahah! Our monthly tests were last week and once again, I'm super disappointed with my current results and really dread to get the rest of our papers back, LOL! Eu Jin and I have concluded that the guys in our class do extraordinarily well for monthly tests while I do better for our midyear exams and finals. O: Well hopefully I'll do well enough for my finals 'cos that's when the results matter, right? :D If I get lucky then maybe I can apply for scholarships or whatever. :> I wonder if ever in my lifetime will I actually do well for my school exams, hahahah! It's August now and half of 2011 has flew by already, I think now is the time to really focus on our studies. ★彡 I cant believe half of the year is gone already and I'll be F5 next year omaigawd! O:
So lately, everyone's been talking about college and where we're all gonna go after we graduate from secondary school. Well on this side of town, I guess the list narrows down to either Taylor's, Sunway or either overseas, most likely to Australia. Taylor's seems to be pretty decent but I'm so reluctant to continue my studies locally & I REALLY WANT TO GO BACK TO SINGAPORE!!! ))): Like so badly I would fantasize about living in my own luxurious penthouse, going shopping everyday, walking in and out of the shops in ION Orchard without buying anything (LOL!), roaming around the streets and I also like the idea of taking the MRT and buses for transportation 'cos parking fees are too expensive over there. O: But of course that would be after I've completed my studies & have become a billionaire, LOL! I thought it would be pretty common, but apparently, the only friend I know who's interested in going over to Singapore is Jia Deng (to do her A Level there). ): I'm also interested in doing A there but both Jia Deng and I really hate the thought of being older than everyone there, hahahah.
My new Anna Sui perfume, hahahah! I had to choose between this one and the Magic Romance one, but this one smells sweeter (I like! :D) and my sister likes the other bottle more. :> Which I completely understand 'cos I'm not a fan of this bottle either, hahahah. But I normally go for the smell instead of the appearance, so yeah! :D Me want the new Taylor Momsen perfume too, LOLOL!
My new water bottle! ^^^^ I cant stand using the old vitaminwater bottle anymore, hahahahah. This post was actually due a coupla days ago but your truly has been too busy watching my new husband (Eric Mun Jung-hyuk! :D) on KBS, muahahahah! But as usual, SHINee & Kim Jonghyun will still be #1 for me! ♥‿♥


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