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I'll Be Back
Monday, 18 July 2011, 8:40 pm

HOLA! :D No school for us Seafieldians today so I finally have the time to update again! :> I've been away for another month already & my current rate of updating is pretty screwed up, hahah! So our school's Carnival Day was yesterday and my class had a Garden Cafe, which turned out not really a cafe nor "gardeny" after all 'cos we were lacking of a decent location. Initially, our cafe was supposed to be in a class but Pn. Hisma's too lazy a bitch to request one for us, so we had to persuade Pn. Sophia to let us use the lawn all the way at the very back of the school so we wouldnt need a change of plans. So hence the rest of the class decided on the Garden Cafe name, LOLOL! Our sales went pretty alright too! ;D
& recently, I've been thinking about investing in a new lens but it's hard to find an affordable one which can autofocus with my D3100. For now, I've decided on the 50mm f/1.8G which costs about RM800. But I'm also considering on getting a new phone 'cos my Lollipop isnt half as attractive as it was a year ago.. & I'm also considering on going for SHINee's concert in Singapore, which will be held sometime around my birthday. But the tickets alone costs about RM500 already. $____$ So now I'm still juggling between getting my new lens, going for the SHINee concert or getting the new Blackberry Bold. LOL. *u*
The card I made to put together with Wee Ren's very, very, very belated 16th birthday gift! :> Pretty simple but not bad, right? So for the past few months, Tracy and I have been skipping EST to walk all the way over to Taipan, LOL. The distance from school is crazy & ridiculously far away but we always manage to get back to school in time, hahah!
The back of the card! From all of us in 3K! :"> My handwriting sho kiut, right?! LOLOL!
16 guitar picks for the 16 year old birthday boy! ;D Some of them were chosen by Zheng Yi while the others were chosen by Ten and I during our Taipan trip! :> Walked all the way to Summit with Tracy, Brandon, Yvonne and Zheng Yi to buy the gifts for our games for Carnival Day.

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