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So Goodbye, Dont Cry, and Smile
Monday, 13 June 2011, 11:03 pm

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Hellohello! ;) So today was the first day of school already and apparently I started it off with a sugar rush, trololol! For once, I was pretty excited to go back to school and meet all my friends again. :> Didnt really do much in school as usual 'cos all our teachers were either MIA or were busy handing out our midyear exam results, which I can proudly say that I've managed to pass all the papers that we've gotten, so far! /happie/ Though we should be getting our Physics and our Add Maths papers pretty soon already and I already have myself prepared for the worst. O: Especially for someone who really dont get Maths like myself, the two papers were really hard, zomg! I heard that it's only natural for one to fail his/her F4 midyear exams, LOLOL. But still, I really hope that I can miraculously pass my Physics! *fingers crossed* I would like to pass my Add Maths too but it's still alright if I dont. :D
SO, the other day I was clearing up my phone inbox due to my Lollipop's ridiculous memory capacity, and the oldest texts I had were the ones I received when I just gotten my PMR results last year. I'm guessing that I was a tad too disappointed about my results to get to read them until the other day (LOL!), but when I finally did I really felt like I was the luckiest person in the world! :> And now I finally have the chance to say this, 고마워요 everyone for trying SO hard to cheer me up about my results & coming up with all sorts of crap about how PMR doesnt really matter at all just to make me feel better, for understanding that I wasnt ready to reveal my results and that time 'cos I couldnt have believed it myself... Especially this one particular person who really left 4F just to make sure I got into the class I wanted, which is the same class as Tracy. I really dont know what I've done to deserve such awesome friends like them! :') I think that now, what I have now is even better than getting good-for-nothing 8A's for my PMR. Be jealous that I have such awesome friends okkkkk! >:D
So as usual whenever school reopens, I'd have plenty of gifts for everyone. :D Actually, I swear that there's more, but some of them are either not with me or I still havent found the right thing to buy for whoever yet. The orange dooodoll's for Raymus, who until now is still very MIA 'cos 4G is sooooooo far away from my block, when it's supposedly just next to my class, 4F, until someone got injured. The Kibum badge & Etude House manicure pen are for Tracy Ten. And finally, the Big Bang poker cards are for Zheng Yi! He was so happie to get them he was nearly tearing up when I gave them to him this morning, LOLOL! I'm not a VIP myself but I think TOP looks really good in the clubs card. :> But meh, SHINee is still my ultimate #1! 사랑해요, 김종연~ ♥ ♥ ♥

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