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Everday I'm Shuffling
Tuesday, 31 May 2011, 11:55 pm

190 followers! ♥ (Y)
actually, it's 194 now, trolololol. :>
ANNYEONG everyone! ;D It feels like it's been forever since I last came online & I'm finally back to blogging again after being MIA for more than a month, hahah! First of all, 안녕하세요/hello/你好/こんにちは and 고마워요/thank you/谢谢/ありがとう to every one of my followers! ^^ I love you guys so much for following! We're on our mid-term break already now so I hope I'll be able to blog a coupla more times before school reopens, teehee. I'll be leaving town again soon for Singapore so hopefully I'll be back with a bunch of pics to share! :> I've been going MIA over and over again this year 'cos school's been keeping me too busy, le sigh. F4 life is seriously tough, omg.
So our midyear exams were last week and I really hope that we did well & prayed hard enough to pass all of our subjects. The papers were so hard that every time we would throw out some coins or even a paper plane out the window, hoping that it would fall into our 'wishing drain' about 10 miles away from our block, LOLOL! In conclusion, school's pretty fun with people like Tracy Ten and Brandon Chan! ;) But I seriously suck at our current Science subjects, especially Add Maths & Physics. I used to think I was cool with Biology and Chemistry, but after seeing our midyear paper, I dont think so anymore.
Finally! Here's a really recent and 'un-blur' pic of my new puppy, Jaden! ^^ It's a Siberian Husky and is about 4-5 months old only but it's pretty big already. I would have preferred a mini puddle but Jaden's cute too! :> My parents chose it 'cos of it's very authentic eye color(s). The one on the right is light blue, whereas the one on the left is brown. ;D Took me long enough to get a decent pic 'cos I'm too scared to go anywhere near it now that it's so playful and hyped up all the time. O.O
New Hello Kitty lamp I bought from Subang Parade in hoping that I would study harder, which obviously didnt work, ha-ha. u.u OH YEAH, see that Key icon up there? I'm currently using the exact bottle of the same vitaminwater acai-blueberry-pomegranate flavour he's drinking, kekekeke!! Be jealous, Tracy Ten! :b Maybe I'll get another one if I have time when I'm in SG 'cos I'm in dying need of another bottle!
Harajuku Lovers sling bag I bought last weekend! ^^ It actually came with a mold of Gwen Stefani's 'G' but I took it out the moment I bought the bag 'cos it was too ugly, LOLOL! I havent bought a sling bag in so long, trololol. Hoping that I get to walk the streets alone when we get to SG so that I can be more independent for when I move there alone next year, teehee! (L)
SO Seafield will be having another carnival day again this year and everyone is invited! Including YOU, too! ;D So do get your coupons from me if you're interested in coming, alright? :)

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