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This Place's About to Blow
Sunday, 17 April 2011, 6:50 pm

So I've been involved in this 'HOSTS Program' in school where we're supposed to teach a bunch of F1 students English every Monday for a month. It has been our 2nd week already so I'm only 2 more weeks away to get the cert + extra CCA points for being present for the four consecutive weeks. ;D Yes, I'm pretty hardcore about achieving my goals for 2011, hahah! Anyway, I think I'm going to be on a mini hiatus for the next few weeks 'cos I'll be going for Eco Night this weekend with Tracy, Brandon and hopefully Pui Yi too! ;D Furthermore, our midyear exams are coming in about two weeks' time and I'm hoping to get into the Top 10 in class. I've decided to let my midyear exam results determine whether or not I'll transfer schools to do a diploma straight away instead of wasting time on subjects I'm barely interested in, like Physics, Add Maths etc. But I'm afraid that doing a diploma might be too soon 'cos I still havent made up my mind on what I want to do yet + I heard it's ridiculously hard. ): For now, I'm kinda caught up between doing Law, Cosmetics and Event Management. HUGE difference between the three, right? LOLOL! Besides all that, leaving my current school is a huge step for me to take 'cos I really love my friends here in Seafield. Every day is library day for us when we skip classes by staying in the library until Pn. Tan comes in screaming at us, LOLOL! :">
Date with Tracy, Pui Yi and Brandon at Bliss on the 30th of March! ;D Brought my camera + tripod to school that day supposedly for our Moral project, LOLOL! Pui Yi met the three of us at the front gate so Tracy and I didnt go for EST that day. We took about 10 minutes to walk from school to Bliss and there were a bunch of Scouts behind us who apparently, were walking to Bliss too. We were leading the way until we lost them somewhere along the way, but when we arrived at Bliss we already saw them eating. So blame it on Brandon for leading us to take the longer way, LOLOL!
So Pui Yi, Tracy and I shared almost everything in this section on the menu and we ended up not finishing the food, hahah! The meal in total costed me RM60. $____$ We nearly got lost again on our way back to school but thank God for Chee Yong for leading us back. :D It was so fun that day it seemed like we were back in Lick Hung again. :">
I realise that eversince graduation alot of us have drifted apart from one another. During primary school I used to be especially close to Sumin, Melody, Wei Xun, Tsui San, Pui Yi and Siow Hui, but tragically we're not as close anymore and I havent seen Sumin, Melody and Siow Hui in a while. ): I recently saw Siow Hui in Lick Hung's family day and the last time I saw Sumin was that year when we went to Seafield's Campfire Night together. Wei Xun and I are in the same class now while Tsui San and I are in the same EST class, so we're alright. But I reallyreallyreally miss Sumin and Melody lah! ㅠㅠ

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