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Day by Day
Saturday, 19 March 2011, 2:38 pm

HELLO. :3 There's 20 more days to go until it's Jonghyun's birthday, teehee! ♥ ♥ ♥
So school has been keeping me too busy to come online but we're finally on our March break now! ^ㅡ^ Tragically my previous computer recently died on me so I've been spending the past coupla days restoring everything back in place into my new computer and figuring out how to sync everything from my Apple toys into iTunes. So I guess my plan on revising all my school work completely failed, even without attempt, LOLOL. Alot of stuff happened during the 3 weeks while I was away + we've got so much homework to do what with the new headmistress, le sigh. Been going out alot too but hopefully I'll get to go Petaling Street soon since I'm in the means of redecorating my room (got all my new stuff from IKEA recently too! ;D). Anyway, we even got back our results for our March test and I'm pretty satisfied with what I got for a first, LOLOL. Hopefully I'll continue to motivate myself to do well for our midyear exams. :-) Well, school's been pretty much fine like everything else.
Su Ann's surprise birthday party the Saturday before! ;D Got a whole bunch of pics but I had such a hard time editing these 'cos idontknowwho changed the settings and most of them are terribly coloured and blur. ): But nevermind 'cos I shall wait until someone nice installs my photoshop back into the computer for me. They were playing some game when instead, I was taking pictures, heheh. So happie to see everyone back in the same room again like we were for the past 3 years, LOLOL. I still 3K. (':
Cupcakes I brought for Su Ann's party! ;D Very chio, right?! There were actually two different types of flowers but I liked this one better. Gave one to Brandon, Tracy and Wei Yuin to for Brandon's "birthday party" in class, LOLOL. And one more to Tsui San for her birthday! :D
New hair brush I had to buy from SHINS 'cos my mom used my previous one for our new puppy (will blog about this soon). ㅠㅠ I've got a whole list of pictures to take but I've been too busy and tired to get to it by the time the sun sets ('cos my pictures usually look better without natural sunlight). Been thinking about getting my own polaroid camera lately but I wont know the slightest thing about them. So maybe I'll just wait and get a newer one from the shop again, teehee! Anyway guys, in celebration of Jonghyun oppa's 21st birthday on the 8th of April, my posts from now on shall contain pictures of the birthday boy until the big day comes, hahahah! Blingers, do register at Bling Bling Jonghyun's first international forum @PCJ today, okay?! 8D

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