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Bring It Back
Thursday, 24 March 2011, 9:57 pm

15 more days to go! ;D (Y)
Hellohellohello. School was super awesome today! ;D We were having our Moral when Zheng Yi suddenly came by our window ('cos our class is temporarily on the ground floor) and told us that Pui Yi walked all the way from her school and climbed into ours. Brandon, Tracy and I thought he was bullshiting as usual until we really saw her waving to us from upstairs by the corridor. O: We were so excited to see her we were making such a big hoo-ha in class & kept looking out the window that our teacher was staring at us, LOLOL! I pulled Tracy with me but she was too scared so I ran out of class all the way upstairs alone to look for her. When I asked my teacher if I could leave, she actually thought that I dropped my pen outside and wanted to get it, LOLOL! I hugged her and brought her downstairs to see Brandon, Tracy and Wei Xun when more and more familiar faces came downstairs to see her. We were waiting for the bell to ring and it was Maths when I promised Pui Yi that I would go truant with her. Brandon was supposed to come too but I dont know why he decided to stay for Maths, but Tracy came too. We went to look for Lick Yin and Nicholas first but we darent enter their class 'cos their teacher looked really strict. So we went to some class towards the end of the block to look for Wei Sheng and found him sleeping so we were like, "Is this Wei Sheng?" over and over again until he finally woke up, LOLOL! The first thing he asked was what time it was and then whether it was recess already or not, after a minute or two he finally realised that Pui Yi was there, hahah! We walked around school for abit, went into 4A 'cos it was empty, talked outside our class etc until it was finally recess. (Y)
Pui Yi promised that she would stay and have recess with us and only go back afterwards but a friend told Brandon that some muthafucka told Pn. Ung about her, and that she really needed to leave asap. Brought her to the koperasi to get a drink then we brought her all the way to Taman Herba, back of the F6 block, besides the primary school next to our school, then finally to the Dewan gate when she finally managed to climb out and get her bag. We were so sad and sayang to see her go. ㅠㅠ Pui Yi wanted to come back to look for us again after school to yamcha together but Tracy and I had tuition (which were both canceled, the fuck). After she left, we were so worried 'cos Pn. Ung was calling random people to her office to ask about Pui Yi and Zheng Yi said that our school even phoned her school. So I used Zheng Yi's phone to call her and spoke to her for a while in class. :> So happie to see her after not hearing from her for so many years and we were bestfriends during primary school, LOLOL! ;D I even asked her directions to SU from Seafield so I'd be able to go look for her someday too, which will be very, very soon. >:D


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