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We'll Be Alright
Saturday, 26 February 2011, 2:51 pm

Got a question? Ask me anything @ http://www.formspring.me/jonghyen today! :>
안녕하세요~ :3 I was watching Dream High a moment ago and now I'm waiting for the next episode to finish loading. I like Taecyeon too but I dont know why I prefer Hyemi with Sam Dong than Jin Gook. u.u I'm only at Episode 11 currently and I really dread to see Sam Dong going deaf. ㅠㅠ Normally I'd wait for it to air on KBS but I'm dying to know what's going to happen to Sam Dong. I dont know why I cant find spoilers anywhere either, so hence I'm watching it online, hahah. Taecyeon seems to be doing pretty well as an actor too, besides being in 2PM, and I cant help but wonder when it'll be Jonghyun's turn to make his debut as an actor, LOLOL! Minho already made his acting debut recently and I really hope it'll be Jonghyun's turn soon. :> But anyway, this is my 7th post of the year already and I really hope I'll be able to reach 52 posts by the end of 2011, then it'll be one post per week! ^ㅡ^ F4 life is really super hectic. Our monthly tests just ended on Thursday too and I'm so so so screwed. D:
Random: Had this personalized stamp ordered at this stationery store near my house last weekend and it finally arrived on Tuesday. I chose Marie Aristocat for myself, very cute right? ^ㅡ^
A second generation polaroid camera I found in our shop during Chinese New Year! :D The condition is still pretty good but sigh 'cos I really dont know how to get it to function again. ㅠㅠ There were SO many those antique cameras but tragically, my umma only allowed me to take one home so I chose this one. ): This one is 34 years old already! O:


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