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Dream High
Monday, 14 February 2011, 6:30 pm

Annyeong and Happy Valentine's Day! :D
My valentine this year apparently complains that my posts these days lack of SHINee pics compared to last year when pretty much every post of mine had them in it. But whether or not I post about them doesnt really matter either 'cos SHINee is still, and always will remain #1 to me. :> Like, I do know other boyband members like Mir (MBLAQ), Kyuhyun (Super Junior), Alexander (U-Kiss), Changmin (DBSK) etc but I doubt that there would be the day when I become an A+, or an ELF, or a KISSMe, or a Cassiopeian or anything other than a shawol. And I'm pretty proud of it, ㅋㅋㅋ! So here's my three ultimate biases, Jonghyun, Taemin and Key! Can you guys differentiate them? Jonghyun gets two slots, again, because he's, still, my ultimate bias!! ^ㅡ^ I've been Jonghyun biased for more than one year already now, time really passes by so quickly~ u.u
So I've got a less than 1000 word essay to write since Tracy and I signed up for the story writing competition Pn. Thilaham mentioned 'cos I thought it'll look good for our CCA. But apparently, when we got our entry forms, rules and the theme, we realised it was Pn. Thilaham's misunderstanding and it was an essay instead. So God knows what I'm going to squeeze within that ridiculously tiny word count, but I sure hope I can win! LOLOL! I got my inspirations for the story from Dream High, kekekeke~
More shots again! Meet my new o.d.m. watch and my retainer box! ;D Yesh, I finally removed my braces (about two weeks ago) after wearing it for approximately 2 years. But people barely notice them anyway 'cos my mom chose the ceramic kind for me and it's like, transparent. O: Truth to be told, I'd rather wear braces for another year than the retainer for a month if I were given the choice, I really dont like retainer. ):
Took this when I was supposedly doing (probably) my Add Maths homework. Pn. Chin is being so ridiculously generous when it comes to homework and she's expects us to finish them all overnight. My Add Maths is so fucked up that even Modern Maths is actually easy for me. Brandon is even going to have his mom write a letter to Pn. Chin stating that he'll only do her work, when he feels like doing them. LOLOL!
The inside of my pencil box. Happie 'cos this year's one is double layered and I can put in more things now! :> But anyway, putting aside all the lousy teachers (Pn. Chin, Pn. Hasmilia etc) we got this year, 2011 seems to have a pretty good start and my life in school is pretty much like a sitcom, LOLOL! ;D

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