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I'm Afraid You're Not
Monday, 17 January 2011, 3:34 pm

Annyeong! :3 So last Tuesday Pn. Saadiah gathered all of us who appealed to change our stream (or class!) so that she could announce whose appeal got accepted, and whose did not. I was SO friggin terrified but luckily Tracy was there with me too 'cos Pn. Roslina wanted to see those in 4E and 4F who got 6A's. When Pn. Saadiah finally called my name, she asked me to stay back to see her again later instead of telling me which class I was put into. After she was done, totally unexpectedly, Pn. Saadiah asked me to pick whatever class I wanted to go to. O.O There were alot of people there so I couldnt believe what she said, so I asked Tracy and Wei Yuin to help me check with her again, and apparently, I really did hear her right! The three of us there were so happie when she said that I can go into 4F! Most importantly, I am in pure science now, teeeeeeeeeeheeeeee! I am so blessed! ^ㅡ^ So right now, I'm sitting between Tracy and Wei Yuin, Brandon and Kew Sheng Yao!
Even until today, we still have plenty of homework to catch up with, so hence I barely have any time to update. Especially Add Maths 'cos the amount of homework Pn. Chin gives is ridiculous! But it's ohkay 'cos it's all worth it! ;D Though I really wish that Pn. Doris teaches our class instead of Pn. Chow (I hate her as much as I hated Pn. Goh!), but cannot be too greedy also heheheh.
New school supplies! ^ㅡ^ Panda backpack and pencil box, Converse school shoes and OZOZOsac wallet, all from SG, ㅋㅋㅋ! Though I do have some difficulty taking out my wallet from my school uniform pocket sometimes, but nevermindlah! Oh and my owl keychain I got from Comics Connection. Happen to stumble upon it when my umma was picking out a few more SHINee stuff for me to buy, heheheh. :>
Bebe Sheer perfume my umma bought for me from Sephora! This was my Christmas present, hahahah! It smells really sweet and nice also, but I shall admit that the smell isnt as nice as the Harajuku Lovers ones. I actually wanted to complete my collection of the HL perfumes, but Sephora tragically doesnt sell them anymore. )': I saw the big bottles in Sunway when I was with Tracy, but I'm only collecting the small ones + soooo friggin expensive in Malaysia weih! Tracy liked the smell so much she 不舍得 throw away the sample paper, hahah!
Aigooooooooooooooo! Jonghyun oppa looks so cute oh! Jonghyun notebook (obviously mine, heheh! ), Key's for Tracy unnie and Taemin's for Michelle Wong! But tragically, the button is covering part of Taemin's face. ): Underneath is my very authentic SHINee file! 8D
So yesterday I went to cut my hair, again. I actually wanted to bring along a picture of Orange Caramel's Raina 'cos I really like her fringe, but my iTouch crashed so suddenly I had to go without it. It's troublesome for me now 'cos it's too short to even pin it up for school. ): Tracy suggested that I wear a hairband so I shall just try that tomorrow, heheh! :D
P/S All the pictures in this post were taken using my Sony W130 'cos I took them before I got my Nikon, heheh. Wanted to retake them actually, but I dont even have time to play with my new toy nowadays. ㅠㅠ

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