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Happy New Year
Saturday, 1 January 2011, 3:51 pm

안녕하세요 & 새해 복 많이~!! :3
I think 2010 is probably one of the best years I've had so far, but time really flew by very quickly this year and I cant believe that we're all 16 already! ㅠㅠ 2010 was a very happening year for me, alot of stuff happened and changed (for the better and the worse too) and I'm actually kinda sad that it's over now. But nevermind, I shall continue to look forward to 2011 and I really hope that 2011 will be as good (or even much much much better, if it may) as 2010! :) So like last December 2009, I shall summarise everything that happened in 2010 in this very post oh!
List #4: Memorable Things that has Happened in 2010 ^ㅡ^
01. I finally (like seriously FINALLY) got to be AJK Keceriaan for our class! LOLOL! This I have to thank Su Ann, Ngee Jin, Jennifer, Raymus etc for nominating me and I was so so heppy, hahah! 8D And I think it was a success? Our class keceriaan last year was quite nice, right? ^ㅡ^
02. I went for my first Leo IR night with Jennifer and Alyssa! We shared a table with Wee Ren, Philip, James, Guo Zhi, Zheng Yi, Yue Yang and someone else.. I just cant remember who. u.u
03. I got my 5th and my 6th ear piercings and it took soooo long to recover I was so scared that it got infected or something. LOL! But with time it managed to recover so it's okay now.
04. I got my 2nd and my 3rd SOTD, and right now I currently have 140 followers already yay! ^ㅡ^ Thank you and I love you all so so much for following and supporting!
05. I still cant really believe it until now, but I actually threw a Chinese New Year party in my house. LOLOL! I think it was a complete failure but nevermind, I wont throw anymore parties next time uh.
06. This is the one year that I think I got much closer to alot of people. Like Raymus, Khidhir, Philip, Jack Wann, Wee Ren, Su Ann, Ngee Jin, Ruth, Rachel, Tracy, Tsui San etc. I doubt that we were so close during F1 and F2. :-)
07. I believe that my photography skills seriously improved alot compared to last year, and I really hope that it wont stop here and I'll continue to get better and better. Then I'll get my Nikon D3100/D5000 muahahah! But that's not completely the whole point also lah ok. My ancestors were photographers too during their time, so someday, I'd like someone to say that I'm as good as them. :) I know damn lame lah no need to say.
08. I ate Wasabi and actually saw worms for the first time in my life during Seafield Challenge!
09. Went Christmas shopping (though it was after Christmas) at Sunway Pyramid with Tracy for the first time this year although we've known each other for like, 9 years?! O.O Will blog about the outing soon.
10. I dyed my hair for the first time this year! ^ㅡ^ So the color didnt really come out as what I expected, but it's not bad too lorh!11. Totally pointless but I also went to the school's band concert for the first time too! ;D With Jennifer, Brandon, Jack Wann, Raymus and Zheng Yi. I think James and Guo Zhi were there too?
12. This is dumb but I also went for my first cross country race, hahah! You know what else? We didnt get last! HAHAHAH!
13. Also kinda pointless, but after some practise, you wouldnt believe me on how ridiculously smoothly I can paint nails now LOLOL! Seriously, I can paint until damn nice and smooth oh! *u*
14. Went to the Singapore Zoo + Universal Studios for the first time! ;D Still have to wait for me to take pics to blog bout the SG trip.
15. Jennifer and I got #1 for this fashion designing competition in school but we completely sucked for the cooking one. O.O && the We♥Jafny team for Seafield Challenge got #4 and we were only a few points from 3rd place. ^ㅡ^16. I have loved SHINee and Kim Jonghyun for a year already, hahah! Omg lah so long already. *u*
I understand that F4 is going to be really tough, and I think after I completely screwed PMR, I'm more motivated to work harder this year so that I'll manage to get into a better class before SPM. Maybe I'll find a study buddy, LOLOL! And I also want to be really active in CCA from now on 'cos it might help me when I'm applying to go college and hopefully take over Eng&Drama when I'm F5. ^ㅡ^
List #5: My New Year 2011 Resolutions & Wishlist! ;D
01. Blog as often as possible and hopefully get 200+ followers by the end of 2011! :D
02. Study really hard and do well for my mid year and final exams.
03. Go out more often and live life to the fullest! :B
04. Be really active in CCA and (perhaps, if any!) join a competition?
06. Improve my photography skills and take more pictures! (:
07. Continue revamping my room until it's absolutely perfect!
08. Continue saving up more money for college and university fund like I did last year. :>
09. Complete new wardrobe, please!
10. Continue being a loyal shawol and a blinger for the next upcoming years. :D


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