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'Cos I'm Coming Home
Monday, 10 January 2011, 5:33 pm

(via iamyenzhou.tumblr.com, the photoblog)
Hola! Just got back from the English&Drama AGM maybe an hour ago and I'm thrilled that I got to be the Vice-Secretary ('cos normally the posts would be given to the F5's to help in college applications). :> Since we're in F4 now, I really wanna do tremendously well in my CCA while we dont have to worry about SPM yet. Today's the second week of school already and everything has been fine besides the fact that Wei Xun picked me as the Treasurer. It really sucks being the Treasurer 'cos I'm insecure about who's actually willing to pay such an amount of money + I actually feel guilty 'cos I appealed to get into pure, hahah. I'm actually considering to switch tasks with Lick Yin, LOLOL. And I'm very worried about our class teacher 'cos she actually asked me to finish collecting the classfund asap 'cos she wants to use it to make curtains for our class. I was SO wtf when she told me 'cos the price of curtains are seriously ridiculously expensive weih. I tried to persuade her that it was the dumbest idea ever but I dont know if she'll reconsider. FYI, my class teacher is seriously a bitch. u.u
Oh and guess what?! 8D My appa finally bought me my Nikon D3100 already yesterday when we went to drop off my umma and my unnie at Subang Parade to do their facial. ^ㅡ^ Actually, I think he has been considering getting one for me for quite long already but he was reluctant 'cos I would rather not get my DSLR than get a Sony/Canon/Olympus one. He kept on asking, "What's wrong with Olympus?!", or "Isnt Canon the leading one when it comes to cameras?!" and also, "Why Nikon?!" But in the end, he let me buy my Nikon 'cos the day before he bought a PS3 for my oppa the moment he asked for it, and I had to wait like, 2 years?! ㅠㅠ But it's okay 'cos it was worth the wait! :) Right now I'm still trying to get used to everything, so bare with meeeeee!
It's someone really special's birthday today! Happy 16th birthday, Tracy Ten! :D I got her a SHINee pencil case, a SHINee and a Key phone charm, a SHINee ruler and 2 Kibum photocards! Very shiny, right? Oh and a really special card too! ^ㅡ^ As I didnt have a box, I had to use crepe paper and make it into a giant candy shape, which was kinda fail also lorh. ): The picture above was taken using my new toy! ;D

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