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Butter or Mayo?
Monday, 31 January 2011, 9:05 pm

Hello and Happy Chinese New Year! :3
We're on our CNY break now so I finally have the time to update! ;D School has been keeping my time really occupied and I'm so relief that I can finally have a break now! I had to change #2 on my 2011 Resolutions from 'blog at least once a week' to 'blog as often as I can' eversince I realised how busy F4 life is gonna be, LOLOL! So every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, I'll be staying back in school for CCA and EST ('cos I'm taking an extra subject, heeeh!), while I have Chemistry and BM tuition on Tuesdays and Fridays. My chem tuition is pretty lonely, anyone care to join me? :> And we also have like, piles of piles of homework to do, hahah! But besides all that, school's been fun and I absolutely LOVE being in the same class as Tracy and Brandon again. We've been friends for like what, 10 years?! ;D
Didnt really get the chance to blog during the weekends either 'cos I've been on a non-stop shopping spree. Though until now I still doubt that I even have enough CNY clothes to survive for maybe about 4 days? ㅠㅠ This year's Chinese New Year is gonna be very special 'cos it's on my unnie's birthday, LOLOL! Shall elaborate more about this after the celebration! :> I cant wait to get to my hometown this year go to the shop and bring home a tripod, a mini bag for my new toy and maybe a bunch of other crap I could find in there, hahah! Anyway, now that we're not learning KH anymore, I think Biology may be my new favourite subject 'cos it's completely non-calculation related and my teacher, Pn. Malar is such a sweetheart! (L)
Like finally, just learned how to tie the Korean donut bun! Very chio, right? ^ㅡ^ Still kinda messy but practice makes perfect! Shall buy more of the fancy rubberbands for the top of the bun the next time I go to the shop again! :>
The ribbon I used for the donut bun and also my new Turquoise stone ring from Diva. I really need to get myself more rings, like pronto, woman. They used to have alot of nice stuff, but I think eversince Diva became famous their stuff just arent as nice anymore. :<
Probably my favourite pair of shoes ever! Heels but ridiculously comfy too! ;D They're actually more purplish under white light. From the Gardens.
Makeup from Etude House. The packaging of the stuff there are really nice! :> Bought a bunch of other stuff too but I completely forgot to get pics. ):

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