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All I Ever Wanted
Wednesday, 5 January 2011, 5:33 pm

Hellohellohello. I'm so happy that SHINee's Lucifer won best choreography and song of the year for the Allkpop awards, even Jonghyun and Shin Sekyung dating was voted best story of the year, LOLOL. School reopened a coupla days ago and tragically, I didnt get into neither the same class as Tracy nor into pure science. So today, Tracy was so nice enough to teman me to see Pn. Zaleha (our new headmistress) to talk to her about transferring me into pure, and hopefully into 4F where Tracy is. I'm currently in 4G and I'm so glad that Pn. Zaleha was SO nice to me, and she said that she'll take my appeal into consideration and will discuss it with Pn. Chong. She said that it's not as easy to get into pure anymore compared to last time because of the ridiculous number of students who have been getting straight A's for the past few years. I really hope that Pn. Zaleha will help me this one time, and she asked me to look for Pn. Chong tomorrow to find out if they accepted my appeal or not. I'm so friggin scared to see Pn. Chong tomorrow 'cos I'm pretty sure that she'll start screaming at me, so wish me luck ok! I actually even dyed my hair completely black, cut my nails until so horrendously short and also removed all my studs to get a good impression, that's how desperate I actually am to get into pure! When I mentioned meeting Pn. Zaleha myself instead of supposedly just passing my appeal letter to Pn. Saadiah, everyone laughed 'cos they thought I was going to bribe her, LOLOL. I swear I never even thought of it, but now that they mentioned it.... I'm kidding. ㅋㅋㅋ.
So last Thursday I went out with Tracy supposedly to do some very, very late Christmas shopping, LOLOL. It was so funny lah, especially the part where the both of us decided to take Neoprints. The photobooth I picked needed 13 tokens and it's RM2 per token, but before exchanging our cash we were hiding in the photobooth brainstorming on how we should split the money. Tracy was busy doing some calculations, then I told her that we needed to pay RM13 each, since you have to multiply 13 by two, then divide 26 by two again, which is also 13. She stoned for a while then started laughing like mad only, hahah! So I went to buy the tokens while Tracy waited in the photobooth, and after we inserted the tokens, the thing was so friggin fast + it was all in Japanese so we couldnt understand a thing. So after every picture was taken, Tracy would be like, "NOOOOOOOOOO!", then I'll run to the front to cover the screen in fear of how it'll turn out like. When we were designing the pictures, I had to depend on Tracy to translate 'cos some Japanese words are similar to Chinese (which I totally fail at). Because we were so lost, we apparently chose the 36-set to be printed out, and it came out so tiny. ): When we were trying to cut it into half, I accidentally estimated wrongly then I cut out the bottom half of our body, LOLOL! We were so friggin disappointed so we decided to buy another 13 tokens and take it all over again. :B When we were cutting out the second set, Tracy was like, "Are you sure you want to do this? You know we can always use a scissors!!" But in the end, we did it really nicely! ^ㅡ^ (picture above) Two pairs of earrings from Miss Whatever (the saddest thing happened to Tracy there! LOLOL!), our Neoprints underneath and the lovely Best Friend point shoe necklace Tracy bought for me as a belated birthday pressie. :> Apparently, she wanted the friend, so I had to take the best. u.u
P/S Decided to upload bigger pictures from now on although it takes SO long to upload. Hopefully, I can update about my SG trip by this weekend! I've been too busy these days. ㅠㅠ

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