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What I Want For Christmas Is...
Friday, 24 December 2010, 3:17 pm

Hola! I just got back from Singapore last night and it's Christmas Eve already today! :> So I've gotten my results already early this morning and tragically, my results are literally like shit. LOLOL. My parents werent the slightest mad and instead they think I did relatively well and are actually proud of me, my umma couldnt even stop laughing at what I got for Chinese. u.u Wont lie though, I was fucking disappointed when I first saw my results (seriously, damn ridiculously poor weih, really), but like Raymus, I've decided to just take it as a very bad joke. Well, if you seriously think about it, there isnt really anything else I can do now besides making sure that it doesnt happen again. u.u I registered for pure science and EST already, and I really hope that I'll be in the same class as Tracy, Tsui San and hopefully most of them in 3K (except a particular few lah). Apparently, Wee Ren is taking EST too so at least I know I'll be seeing a familiar face. 8A's you know, dont play play. I understand that EST is very hard to get an A for SPM, but at least it's in English lah can understand. I dont think I'd wanna take accounts since I could barely cope the accounts we had to learn for KH this year, and Chinese is definitely a nono already. So guys, let's all take EST together so at least we'll have one class together, right? :D And I just need to say this, thank you all who wished me luck 'cos I was so scared to see my results, and also those who were so confident in me and insisted that I'll do very well. I'm so sorry that I had to disappoint all of you, I'm very disappointed in myself too. >: But this shall be the first and the last time ok! There is still SPM!!! I swear, like wtf, of all exams it had to be PMR the one that I completely &#$%@?!
I'll be bringing my laptop and maybe I'll relpy some tags, but I wont be updating about my trip yet 'cos we'll be travelling again later tonight. :> We're going to Kuantan btw, heehee.


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