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The Star of Christmas
Tuesday, 14 December 2010, 9:25 pm

HELLO. :3 So there was a Christmas party at Mr. Kang's place last Friday night hosted by Tracy's cell, and her aunt was so nice enough to pick me up from my home although my house was completely in the opposite direction. :> Well, the party was supposed to start at 8pm but after getting caught in a jam + getting lost about a bajillion times (LOL!), we finally arrived an hour later. It was okay and we didnt miss anything though 'cos before we arrived, they were playing this game where you have to introduce yourself, I think? O.O There were a few familiar faces from Seafield and even Lick Hung, but besides Tracy and her little brother I pretty much knew no one. I was SO terrified LOL! But it was nice catching up with Tracy. We had dinner and played a coupla games too. :3
Mhmmm besides that, I think I've officially became norturnal already this holidays, hahah. Havent really been going out much besides iOi Mall these days 'cos I've been really busy clearing out all my old and unused stuff from my room. I have to finish clearing everything up before I leave for SG so I'd have plenty of room to bring in new stuff from there. :b I'm most likely to leave this weekend already, whether it's Friday, Saturday or Sunday, so do miss me ok! ^ㅡ^ Right now I'm still deciding whether or not I should lock my tagboard before leaving 'cos I know I wont be back anytime soon... Should I? D:
Part of We♥Jafny, our team for Seafield Challenge! ^ㅡ^ Ok sorry lah, I really dont have any nice photos to share with you all today so I chose this one. I remember that was the day Philip had to look in soil for as many worms as he could, put it on Wee Ren's spoon (which was in his mouth btw), and I had to take them from him with a pair of chopsticks to pass it to Jennifer to put it in the box at the other end! ;D I probably killed most of the worms before they even got into the box and we all heard Jennifer scream like a lunatic! O.O LOLOL. Do ask me if you want the rest of the Seafield Challenge pictures ok! I'll send you the ones without my URL in full-size.
SM the Ballad's Hot Times MV was just released today yo! ;D I think I like it even better than SHINee's new single, Haru. Though I think Jay's "HEY!" in the begining is really, really weird. Dont know about you but I think Jonghyun really stood out in Hot Times. ^^ And how during SHINee's performance during the Golden Disk Awards, Jonghyun was sitting there like a BOSS when the others were doing the choreo due to his injury LOLOL. And I seriously, seriously hate how everyone is bringing up the SME-is-either-going-to-disband-SHINee-and-let-Jonghyun-go-solo-or-either-they're-going-to-bring-him-out-from-SHINee-to-debut-as-a-solo nonsense. I thought all these were settled weeks ago? Why bring it up again when Jonghyun seems to be doing better now?! Why why tell me why! ):
Tip: Must act normal the next time taking pic. u.u


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