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Like There's No Tomorrow [edited]
Monday, 22 November 2010, 8:57 pm

Hellohello! :D
I'm typing my post using Notepad right now due to the internet breakdown, hahah. Actually, I've attempted to blog a few times for the past few weeks but why lah the internet like that? Anyway, I've decided to do one of those 'Blogger Challenges' (tho I got mine from @HeckYeahTumblrChallenges) since I realise that many other bloggers are doing them too! You wont be able to find mine anywhere 'cos I edited it a little 'cos some of them are too personal leh. I'm supposed to introduce myself with a GIF on Day #01 so hence the GIF above! ^^ Jonghyun has 2 frames compared to Key and Taemin who only have one each because... I couldnt decide which picture I should use. And also 'cos Jonghyun is my ultimate bias, right?! :D Be sure to stay tuned to see what I have to do for the next 29 days ok! ^^
So. Our class party was last Saturday already and I have to agree with Wee Ren that those who were BBQing outside (Jennifer, Wee Ren, James, Philip, Guo Zhi, Yue Yang, Raymus and I) probably had more fun than those who were helplessly eating inside combined. LOL! Not gonna elaborate much but I'm ridiculously proud of those who generously offered to contribute willingly without being asked and also those who helped out (those at the BBQ pit + Su Ann + Ngee Jin + Ruth + Rachel). Though I'm also fucking disappointed of those who didnt help at all and only ate and furthermore asked those who were busy to serve them food and drinks. I guss not everyone has conscience. u____u
Do you guys like my nails?! 8D I did them myself the other day when I had nothing to do, it's not bad for a first try with my new tool, right? :-) Though I only managed to do my left hand since I'm right handed. Sigh. I wish I was ambidextrous. But anyway, I shall look forward to my real manicure and my hair dye soon! I've shortlisted my color options so now I have to pick between a shade of brown or a shade of red. Opinions please!
Last Sunday morning, I went to Malacca for this family day event @A'Famosa Water World. Then after that I went to Port Dickson for the first time in my life! :D Lunch at Secret Recipe in the middle of nowhere. Hahah.

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