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We Are SHINee World
Saturday, 30 October 2010, 10:24 pm

Hey hey. (:
Right now, I wont even have to lie to say that my love for Paramore is no longer relevant to be compared with my love for SHINee, and I really mean it! I think at this stage, what with all the scandals and rumours Jonghyun has been getting involved in, the least we can do as shawols is to support SHINee as a whole no matter what SME decides to do. I admit that I was quite disappointed when I found out that Jonghyun is finally dating his ideal girl, Shin Sekyung, like any other blinger would. But right now, I dont care about whoever Jonghyun or any of the other members are seeing, so long as SME doesnt disband SHINee. 'Cos in all factuality, as much as we fans have the right to love whoever we want, what 20 year old guy wouldnt want to live a normal life, as a normal person, doing normal stuff like going out with his friends, chasing girls and stuff that celebrities will no longer have the opportunity to do anymore once they're famous without garnering any unwanted attention? u___u The moment those scandalous pictures of Jonghyun and Shin Sekyung together were released, shawols have already started being anti's and Sekyung was already gaining more haters than fans she had in the first place. In the end, what else can we do besides supporting their relationship and be happy that the Jonghyun we love, is happy too? Why does Jonghyun's desire to be a normal guy who's attracted to pretty, sexy women affect our fandom for him? Dont you blingers felt the guilt when you saw how sad Jonghyun was during SHINee's Hello goodbye stage? ):
Now that SME has blocked all contacts with SHINee and SNSD, rumour has it that SME is in a financial crisis now, and they're planning to disband this 5-member boyband we love. SME's been around for quite a while already so I doubt they're so careless, not expecting all these to happen when they decided to make Jonghyun and Sekyung's relationship public. From what I've heard, all these nonsense was planned ahead by SME to help Jonghyun debut as a solo, leaving the other 4 to die out and eventually disband. Well, as much as I love the other members as well, it's a fact that SHINee is just another typical not-so-shiny contemporary boyband like any other contemporary boyband there is out there without their main vocalist. How often can you find a boyband with such an amazing vocalist like Jonghyun? Chances are pretty much nil.
I hate how society is becoming more and more like shit nowadays, and money seems to always be everyone's first priority. Not to talk about the business world, even in school there are a bajillion people who only want be friends with people from rich families to meet up to their "standards". SHINee used to be the most privileged artiste in SME (even more than SuJu) and SME seemed to care about their maknaes in the company, but I guess that was just fan service so that shawols wont have to worry about SHINee ending up like TVXQ or even Super Junior's Hankyung now that SME would rather disband SHINee than take a risk that most likely will be worth it. Sigh.
I was heartbroken when I heard, but if SHINee were to disband and Jonghyun were to go solo, I swear that SHINee will always be one in my heart and I will forever and always support Jonghyun's music even if he'll still be under SME. And I'll always watch Minho on the Dream Team even if I cant take naps during the evenings. And I'll also watch Onew's musicals and whatever programs where he'll be the MC although I'll have to watch online. I cant say what's going to happen to Key and Taemin, but I hope Taemin will do well in school. And whatever happens to Key, I know that Jonghyun will always be there to support him because he said, "I think that the luckiest day of my life was the day I met Key". :')
사랑해, SHINee! ♥


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