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Hoodie But Goodie
Monday, 25 October 2010, 5:24 pm

Hellohello~ Omo, look at the difference in size between the iPad and the iTouch! ㅋㅋ!
Aigooo.. This post was actually scheduled to be posted up yesterday but the internet was so bad I couldnt upload the pictures. So Kpop Night Concert in Singapore was on Saturday and my favourite SHINee boys were there, along with Big Bang, SNSD, Infinite, FT Island and ZE:A. Though among the six, I only know Big Bang (Haru Haru), SNSD (Genie and Gee) and FT Island (Love Love Love). Heheh. But unfortunately, Jonghyun oppa couldnt attend the concert as he got injured when SHINee was in Indonesia. ㅠㅡㅠ As much as I love Key and Taemin as well, but SHINee just isnt complete to me without their main vocalist, so I didnt attend although I could have gotten the tickets really easily. Well, my friends at SG told me that the SG shawols did the fan chant amazingly loudly, and they also sang along whenever it was Jonghyun's parts too. So I guess we're gonna see more of our SHINee boys very soon! ^^ Singapore has the best and the biggest SHINee fandom ever, hahah.
Seafield Challenge was today too. Actually Jennifer and I had no intention to join but then Brandon's team was lacking (he only had 6 and needed 9 more) so we brought in a bunch from our class too. The logo designing and song writing was okay lorh, but when we had to play the balloon game I was so scared I would have rather died. No more balloons PLEASE? ㅠㅡㅠ En. Jafny said that tomorrow's gonna be something like fear factor, so I dont know how it's gonna be. ):
Anyway, as promised, here is my birthday post! ^^ Actually I have nothing really to elaborate about just alot of pictures to upload only. Well, this is the first time in 15 years where I had to celebrate my birthday with only my umma and my unni, without my brother, so I guess it was pretty lonely lorh! But then again, this is also the first time in 15 years where I had 2 birthday cakes and 2 birthday celebrations, heheheh! Picture above: Thank you: Su Ann for the pink bear keychain, Min Rui for the dragonfly keychain and Jennifer, Brandon, Lick Yin, Jack Wann and Raymus for the gifts (see later on) and the birthday card! ^^ Best birthday card I've ever received, heheh! (You push the button and it plays a birthday song! ^^)
Forever Friends bears! ^^ One of them is wearing something like a wedding gown while the other one is wearing a pixie skirt! Both have wings and a halo too! ^^ And the pink heart-shaped pillow is one of the gifts from Jennifer, Brandon, Jack Wann, Lick Yin and Raymus.
A Hello Kitty mobile pouch from Che Che! ^^ The entire pouch is made from sequins, including the Kitty so I guess it was handmade. The handle is at the back so you cant really see it, but all in all it's absolutely beau! ^^ Hello Hello Kitty, play with us today...
... We'll laugh and sing on this lovely sunny day.Hello Kitty stationery! ^^ One of them is a multi-color pen (front) and the other one at the back is a normal black ball point pen, I think. I dont think I'll ever have the heart to use them, heheheh.
Uhmmm.. I shall start from the bottom, alright? ^^ The pink bar down there is Willy Wonka's Laffy Taffy (I plan on bringing this to school to share with everyone someday!), then at the right it's a pack of strawberry bonbons, which I brought to school every day during PMR. Then it's Sticky candy and that 2% drink I wanted because Jonghyun was drinking it on some reality show, ㅋㅋㅋㅋ. On top of the Sticky candy it's actually a pendrive, you have to pull out USB thing from inside the cross. ^^ Behind the bonbons are a set of Zig Markers, teeeheee! I wanted the Zig Markers for so long already but Malaysia pretty much doesnt have anything that I want lorh. Hidden next to the Zig Markers is the other gift from Jennifer, Brandon, Jack Wann, Lick Yin and Raymus. Mianhe, I didnt mean to hide it at the back, I also didnt realise it was so hidden until nao. ):
Adorable furry mittens! ^^ I shall wear this at the end of the year when we go Hokkaido/Tokyo/Europe/Beijing/Italy or wherever my umma decides to go! Ahhhhhh! Ok. I think I've just spent an entire day waiting for all the photos to upload finish while watching SHINee's Hello MV, hahah. Did anybody else realise that at the end of the MV, when all the other members were out chasing some girl or whoever, but little Taeminnie is in the room just admiring the girl? Hahahah. ♥

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