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I Caught Myself
Friday, 15 October 2010, 2:12 pm

Hellohellohello. (:
Just got back from school a coupla hours ago. The weather here these days have been bull and it doesnt help when the school squeezes all of us form threes into the old dewan where it's really stuffy too. But luckily today they finally let us into the new dewan with the air cond on. ^^ Anyway, it's amazing how quickly time flies, it barely feels like PMR even begun! And it's been exactly a month already since blogger's last update. It's really nice to be back again but the internet these days have been soooo bad. ):
Well. Now that PMR is over, there are a bunch of things that I want to do and also a bunch of things that I dont want to do but have to do... (eg. clean up my room) So how do you all like my new layie? ^^ I had trouble picking between this one and the previous green, strawberry one. But I eventually decided on this one 'cos it kinda gives out this soft feel to it, ya know? Opinions please! :D But uhmmm, I think I'll eventually switch between the two from time to time whenever I feel like it. Heh.
Mhmmm.. I'm planning to go for a haircut this weekend before I go to Lick Hung's carnival day on Sunday, but I cant decide whether to cut my fringe like SNSD's Jessica, Nicole Richie or SNSD's Sunny. Well, my favourite member from SNSD is Jessica so I think I'm abit Jessica biased. HEHEH. I know they pretty much look really similar but they're really not the same ok!
Truth is, I really dont know how I did for PMR as I realised that I never got myself to really, really study until the day before the exam itself. I promised Raymus that if I were to get an A for Geography I'd buy him and Philip the most expensive meal in the entire world 'cos they helped me by explaining etc. I dont really know how expensive a meal for two can possibly be either, but I'm willing to take the risk hahah. Anddd the Chinese paper is bull mannnnn. I could barely understand a full sentence in Chinese so I also dont know why I took the paper. u____u But I suppose it should be okay too since I have other kantangs who took Chinese with me hahah.
Ohh and one more thing. If every thing goes as planned, I should be making my comeback on BS this weekend, so please look forward to it! ^^ And I still have parts of my skin I still want to edit, so please be patient! :D x.
Upcoming post: Blogger's birthday post! ^^

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