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It Beats For Only You
Friday, 22 October 2010, 8:59 pm

Hi everyone! ^ㅡ^
Over the past coupla weeks I've submitted two skins already, heheh. One of them is my previous black, bokeh one after altering here and there, although I'm not sure whether it was for the better or the worse (Link). :X And another one I've never used here before, but I think it's my favourite among those that I've coded so far! ^^ (Link) Well, although PMR is over now and I pretty much have all the freedom a person could ever want, I'm still cramped up at home 'cause my unni is having her EOYs until mid November. ): But if every thing goes as planned, I should be going out with Jennifer, Brandon and maybe a few more really soon already. ^^
Last week, Jennifer and I went for the Post-PMR's fashion designing and cooking competitions. The teams in our class and even Brandon's team were all placed last out of the 7 teams for cooking, not gonna elaborate much on this one but it was a pretty obvious racist case. Shameless pedo Pn. Azizah! ): But things went pretty well for fashion designing, where Jennifer and I were a team and Lick Yin had to team with Brandon due to Pn. Rapidah's sudden change of mind. And surprisingly, we got...
... first prize! ^ㅡ^ We thought it was so embarrasing 'cos the dress we made was so Barbie and ugly, hahah! :X Jennifer and I skipped school today because half the class wasnt going either, and I skipped school on Wednesday because I'm sick again. ): But while we were waiting for my unni to finish her tuition at Taipan, I managed to cut my hair! Teeeeheee! So I trusted my instincts and I decided to cut my hair like Jessica, although most of you said Nicole's fringe was nicer (no one liked Sunny's fringe, huhu~). So I showed him that pic of Jessica and it turned out somewhat like:
Taylor Momsen's hair. (picture above) Mhmmm.. it's not exactly how I expected it to be, but aiya not bad lah! So far I havent seen anyone with hair like that, so I guess it's something different lorh! But my hair isnt as curly as Taylor Momsen's so it doesnt look so messy, instead of curling, I think I'm gonna straighten my hair more often now 'cos I liked how Taylor Momsen looked when they straightened her hair in Gossip Girl. :-)
Whooooo, what a long post! 8D If my internet is good, my even longer birthday post should be up tomorrow or Sunday. Ok, bye! ^^

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