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Eotteoke Baby Girl?
Wednesday, 15 September 2010, 11:57 pm

Jonghyun. Taemin. Key.
Aigooo Taemin-ahh, why'd you make dongsaeng cheat on Jonghyun and Key oppa? ㅠㅡㅠ
Hellohello, I'm blogging with the new iPad now and I realise that an iPad is pretty much similar to an iTouch, just x5 in size, hahah. The humongous keyboard is super convincing, but I shall not lie that blogging with the iPad is any easier than the iTouch. Sigh. ): But anyway, I'm starting to use Mozilla Firefox again now that I realise that the problem with my "edgy" font is only on Internet Explorer. So if my edgy font is driving you cuckoo as well, download the latest version of Mozilla Firefox today okay! ^ㅡ^ I only started to realise this after spending a tad too much time browsing with my two new toys (since the iTouch and iPad comes with Safari), and my font looks perfectly fine so I decided to give MF a second chance. Now that I've found a solution to my problem, I think I'm gonna stick to this layie a while more. Plus, my layie looks much nicer here! (:
So. I'm really sorry to have locked my tagboard, if you havent noticed already. I realise that until PMR is over, I shant disappoint anyone as I know I wont be replying any tags until months, months, months later. The loading speed for the tagboard on the Apple toys are just too slow for my time. ): But, to make up to those still waiting at the tagboard, I have revived my Formspring so you can ask me anything there instead. ^ㅡ^ Link.

Omo, has the new Stats section in Blogger been there for very long? I've been away for so long already I only noticed it now. Hmmm.. It might come in hand someday but I think it's kinda creepy, do you? I realise that most of the people who come visit my blog come from Blogskins.com and Google. And a comparison of my pageviews during July and August, has dropped a whole 291 views. )-: Just wait for me, okay? When PMR is over and "studying" is no longer in my vocabulary. Oohh, my stats also say that I have many viewers coming from UK, Canada, Brazil, Philippines etc. I wonder who the are, heheh.
I hate to remind myself too but PMR is coming very, very soon. ): Like in 19 days? So I until it's over I doubt that I'll be blogging much anymore, but you may find me at Twitter or Formspring, okay? I suppose now's a good time to be on hiatus since everyone else should be having exams really soon too, huh? UPSR, PMR, SPM, Prelims, N-Levels...
So until then, bye! ^ㅡ^

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