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Say Goodbye,
Friday, 20 August 2010, 10:35 pm

Hey you! :)
I know it's been a while since I've really, really updated, like for real and uhmmm before I carry on with this proper post, please follow our fanbased Twitter account for baby Bling Bling Jonghyun @SHINeeBlingers alright! Although it's only been our first coupla weeks, we're really close to 200 followers already kekeke~! But yeah, the reason why blogger's been so MIA lately is 'cos our trials have already started last week. In fact, today was our last day of our second trials already. Completely screwed, omfg.
Ahhhh school has been fine so far, the usuals happening besides the sudden gap between a bunch of us girls. Do you know what I hate most, everyone? Hypocrites and shitass copycats. I tell you ahhh, I am so damn awesome that I've got a bajillion girls trynna copy me. =.= Just because we kinda, sorta know each other, does it mean 'I gave you my effing permission to do so'? Bullshit. I dont wanna talk about this no more, getting so mad! But sheesh, damn funny lah these people, gotta learn to grow up asap!
Okok, recently I've thought of a whole bunch of stuff I really wanna do after PMR is over. I really think ahead, kekeke. About half the list of stuff I wanna do are,
  • find my lovely Korean supplier so that I can finally open me blogshop!!!
  • learn a bunch of new stuff I can do on Photoshop.
  • learn to use my new nail dotting tool and practise doing nail art so'd maybe I can get a part time job next time kekekeke~
  • get rid of this old shit and create a whole new skin for myself, teeeeheee!!!
  • continue skinning and get more SOTD's! :D
And so on so on. :D But here's something else, I'm really considering that maybe I should start writing again? You know, after PMR. I realise that the only reason why I stopped in the first place was because I hated the fact that after maybe a coupla years I've written, slowly the girls in my class started writing too and hell, claiming that they're the ones who started first? It was rather frustrating ok! But then the other day when I was doing my essay for my English paper 2, I realise that I've still got it and in fact, I still remember the entire storyline of my very first book (which got stolen by some jealous bitch FYI). So yeah, maybe. (: But the main point now is that I really have to study my life away or I'll die eitherways. ㅠㅡㅠ
I've been on my iTouch so often lately, whether on Twitter or MSN or whatever. And today I realise that the MSN on my iTouch has blocked every single person on my contact list itself, even myself (like, it blocked me and everyone else on my contact list.. automatically). So if any of you, by any chance, realised that you have been blocked, please dont be sad. (:
Currently still on hiatus.


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