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You're Like Bulletproof
Monday, 12 July 2010, 6:05 pm

If you were to always remain this way, nothing better, nothing better than you.
Oh hello there. (:
I just realised how short my 20th of June post is, ㅋㅋㅋ. Omona, I'm attempting to give blogging with the iTouch a try here and it's like shitass hard can. I'd love to blog with my lappie instead but I'm afraid AJ might tell on me. ): So yeah, kind of blogging on the sly here, PMR is in like 75 days?
But anyway, last weekend was really hectic 'cos our carnival was on Saturday and on Sunday I went to Malacca (more about this later on). Omg I still cringe whenever I think about it but I don't have any pictures from carnival day!!! I completely forgot that I even brought my camera 'cos we were really busy running about from the Lucky Draw to the food&drinks stall 'cos we were kind if short of hands. But heh, it was really nice to see those who sincerely helped us, like SuAnn&NgeeJin, WeeRen&GuoZhi, JackWann&LickYin and a couple more I can't place for now (they're not in any particular order). Despite our hardwork, Pn. Rapidah is really mad&disappointed in us 'cos our earning is only maybe around 500, ranking the lowest in school. I think the reason is because Zheng Yi had sold all our coupons from presales and now we have plenty of ca$h, if he hadn't sold it I'd bet that we would rank at least in the T20. Frankly speaking, if Pn. Rapidah at least tried to show some graditute, I would have considered returning the money back to the school. But now we've decided to go on a trip with that money, so bohohoho. Well, Khidhir said that our corn in a cup was really yummy, and here's the joke of the day: Wee Ren and Guo Zhi (esp. Wee Ren here) had lied to me on carnival day.
  • "Someone bang Guo Zhi and all the balloons just suddenly popped!!!"

  • "A guy hit Guo Zhi and snatched all the balloons away!!!"

  • "Guo Zhi went to his scouts duty already, so he said nevermind lorh, I just tell Zhou Yen the truth about what happened to the balloons."
When in all factuality, they just gave the balloons out for free to kids to make their day but were to afraid to tell me. Completely driven up the wall. Well, the main point is that our corn in a cups, soft drinks, ice creams etc etc were all sold out! But we did have some leftover ice cream, so we just distributed it to whoever that helped us on the day. (: Ermmmm.. I think I'll just blog about Malacca another day, alright. It's really late already and tomorrow's going to be a longgg day. Gonna spend hours and hours in Subang Parade while waiting for AJ and my brother to do facial! Bye! :P

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