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What A Girl Wants
Saturday, 3 July 2010, 5:12 pm

Hello everyone! ^-^
Don't mock me alright but two weeks is the longest I could MIA from blogging, hehehe. I'd love to blog as much as I tweet (follow me @iamyenzhou) now with my iTouch, but I'm afraid typing anything more than 140 characters with my toy is pretty much bull. And bummer, I doubt that I'll be getting my baby Nikon D5000 anytime soon 'cos of my lousy C's for Geography and Maths. But I don't mind waiting 'till PMR is over anyway, saves me the distraction.
(Anyway) Picture above: So do you guys like my bokeh thingie? :D I blew quite a while trying to figure out what it was called in the first place, and I actually downloaded the brush instead of the texture 'cos honestly speaking, when it comes to Photoshop, I have not the slightest idea what turf a texture actually is. :O
Our presales have been going on and about for nearly a week already, and I must admit that the stuff we're selling are sold out every day! We've been selling barbicans, corn in a cups and Harajuku crepes for presales. And we bought our necessities for the Harajuku crepes in bulk so we never really ran out of stock before. But approximately we've already sold maybe 60+ in three days. Link: Our gorgeous flyer by made yours truly, I like it very much heheheh. So the carnival day itself is next Saturday already, so if any of you are interested in coming do get your coupons from me alright! And don't forget to pop by our food&drinks stall and our Lucky Draw! ^-^
I realise that eversince I dropped my craze for SHINee's Love Should Go On, I've pretty much neglected the five already and moved on to loving 4Minute's Muzik and SNSD's Genie. Both are equally terribly old, old songs, but I think I've gotten slightly sien of SHINee's songs already (Romantic, Replay, Love Like Oxygen, AMIGO etc). But now I hear that SHINee will be making another comeback this July, I really hope it's true and I am terribly excited! Rumour has it that Onew will be having multiple solos in the new album, one of them will be with Key, and I hope that Jonghyun oppa won't be pushed aside this time since he has been put under the spotlight eversince their first debut (although Onew is the leader), and maybe overshadowing the others. You have to admit that if you had known nothing about the band and was watching one of their MV's for the first time, you'd think that Jonghyun is the leader 'cos they seem to always make sure that he is always seen and heard (eg. RDD, Replay and Juliette). I'm not against any of the other four, but I don't see why they should start putting Jonghyun in a corner now when we all already know how good he actually is. Talent down the drain much? I do love SHINee as a whole, just Jonghyun biased. :D
Btw, I'm not a Super Junior ELF but I must admit that Sungmin sounds really great! I heard Sungmin sing MJ's Bad for the very first time when I saw SHINee and Super Junior's Michael Jackson tribute. But nah, when I heard Sungmin sing his version of 4Men's Baby Baby (Jonghyun sang it too), Jonghyun still owns best vocal. ^-^ My two favourite Super Junior members are Sungmin and Kyuhyun, though the only SJ song I know is... Sorry Sorry. x-x
PS. Did I mention to you guys about my five favourite boys' new hairstyles for their new comeback? Jonghyun has gone back to brown again and his hair is less poofie compared to his previous one, whereas Taemin has a ponytail now! Nothing really changed for Onew and Minho, but oh em gee Key! Key got rid of his old mushroom hair already, and I saw this pic where his hair was slightly longer, straight and really brown! Or maybe it was just for a photoshoot? :O
PPS. Guess who just appeared on Galaxie's latest July issue! ^-^ But sigh, Galaxie was awesome enough to get my name screwed up without a H in my Zhou, thank God my subscription ended liao. I will subscribe to Cleo instead!

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