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Loverholic Robotronic
Sunday, 25 July 2010, 3:45 pm

Hi everyone! :D
Call me slow, or slow but although I am still on hiatus I've got a really special post for today! Actually, this post was scheduled to be done by Friday night, but sigh that I didnt manage to finish this up before I lost the blogging mojo, heh. But anyway, thank God I got my mojo back and this is all because of SHINee's comeback stage!! ^-^ It seems like us shawols have been waiting a bajillion years for the comeback already, and now the new 'Lucifer' album is finally here! I'm really proud to say that Jonghyun oppa wrote the lyrics for Up&Down and Obession for the new album and Onew wrote Your Name. So far I've heard Lucifer, Up&Down, Obsession and Love Still Goes On (the epilogue for Love Should Go On from SHINee's first album). I'm loving the other three but I have to admit that I'm not a fan of Love Still Goes On. ): Maybe my expectations were kinda too high 'cos I really loved Love Should Go On, sigh.
SHINee's first comeback stage on Music Bank was last Friday on the 23rd. Although I was really blown away by their too-good-to-be-true live vocals, I wasnt completely gaga over the performance 'cos the shitass cameraman was irrevocably Minho biased and we didnt even get to see the choreo!! >:( So yeah, SHINee's second performance on Music Core on Saturday was a bajillion times better, but the main point here is obviously what everyone has been talking/obsessing about recently... Jonghyun's back/sexual (picture above) on stage and maybe Onew's sexual feelings toward Jonghyun? Well, I do have a better pic but someone might flag me...
Notice around maybe the third verse Jonghyun revealed his back to the audience? What's less noticable is Onew's expression when Jonghyun did it but it was damn funny I tell you. Onew kinda looked like he was looking forward to sleeping with Jonghyun LOL! ^-^ No surprise after how much attention Jonghyun's back has been getting that he did it again today during their performance at Inkigayo, link. Onew did try to hold back that expression again, but dont we all know that it's still there? But overall, bareback Jonghyun or not I think their performance at Music Core was the best among the three! ^-^ Jonghyun looked really tired during their Music Bank performance, not to underestimate him but I'm surprised he didnt screw anything up even with his big roles & the very, very intense choreo. Well, even if he did for a second, he would be able to pull himself together again the next it's not even funny how amazing that is.*happie
PS. School's band concert was yesterday and I guess we did have fun with Brandon, Jack Wann, Raymus and Zheng Yi! ^-^ I've got pictures but my camera is completely out of reach now, maybe next time? :D And to Raymus, please never ever ever ever spike your hair ever ever again. Please?
PPS. Calling all shawols and blingers out there, do register at Jonghyun's first international forum at http://princecharming.net.ms today if you the bling! :D

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