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Forever is Over
Wednesday, 9 June 2010, 7:44 pm

HEYHEY, call me pampered but guess who's finally gotten an iTouch yo! Actually I've had it since last week but I daren't open it until our midyears were over. Geography was like crap omg, I really wish that my attention span in class was longer. The conclusion is that I really have to start studying liao 'cos my Geo&Sejarah completely screwed. Would anyone care to tutor me? :)
I've been really active at Twitter lately 'cos I now have the Twitter app on my iTouch. http://twitter.com/zhouyennn Follow me, alright. Teee heee! ^-^
I got my hair done yesterday (fixed my fringe) and it looks terribly weird now but I'm pretty sure it'll look fine once it's slightly longer. Ermmm, I'll be leaving for SG again on maybe Friday or sooner/later, so if you guys need anything do let me know! ^-^ I hope I remember what I'm supposed to get for Philip and Raymus... I don't know why I am so excited! But heh, speaking of Raymus though, I can't help but wonder where the rest of the tissues went as I haven't heard a peep from any of 'em in ages- KeyKey, Jack Wann and Zheng Yi.

If you love someone, set him free. If it was meant to be, he will come back to you,
A little personal here- Recently or maybe a couple of weeks ago Jennifer and I had decided to pull a prank on Jack Wann as we were curious to see his reaction- on my departure from Seafield. I've been thinking a hell lot about it eversince, and I can't help but admit that I was so eager to leave the country last year because I was afraid that I would be stuck beneath the melancholia that was killing me for the past year. Holding grudges all the time and even thinking so much at night that you can't sleep, isn't it so very tiring? I realise how one person's selfishness could badly affect another, like how my selfishness of leaving school for a better future could have affected Jack Wann regarding how he reacted when we pranked him. Honestly speaking, I think if I were to choose to stay here in MY for say, KeyKey, Jack Wann, Raymus, Sumin or Mel, I think it would definitely be worth it so long as it makes them feel content. They were the ones who made my 2010 rock and even made me feel good about myself again this year, shouldn't I be the one to serve now? I was reading my previous posts again and it has been nearly a year already since the melancholia begun, and I think it's about time I put it aside and start all over again. It's okay to loose once in a while, and I've finally gotten my answer already- it was not meant to be. But because of who I am how I am, Blogger's gotta live up to the kiasu nationality, don't play play. My inspiration.


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