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Do You Know?
Sunday, 20 June 2010, 9:09 pm

Howdy! Just got back from Pahang here and school reopens tomorrow already. This term break was supposed to be all study study andd study, but what was I doing instead besides fantasizing about Jonghyun oppa? I think this is going to be my last post for a while, PMR is in about 4 months' time and I don't think I still have time to fool around anymore. My family's got really high expectations from me eversince UPSR, the last thing I wanna do is disappoint them. ):
Anyway, do you like my nails?! :D Picture above. I've got to remove them tonight already but I'm afraid my heart won't let me. I try coming up with ridiculous excuses I could tell those prefects or maybe even Pn. Ung directly to let me keep them, but I think I better stay out of trouble. I'm halfway tracing the art project we were supposed to complete by the end of the semester, but I doubt that half of the class even remembered we had a project. && my daddy is considering on getting a DSLR for me, and since my w150 is getting a little kooky already, so let us all pray for my Nikon D5000 since the price has decreased a whole RM3000. Short post here, I've got some ice cream with chocolate toppings in the freezer for dessert! 'till the next post alright! :)


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