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Heart Heart Break
Thursday, 27 May 2010, 6:29 pm

OHHH- alone in my room + air conditioning = best study experience ever! ^-^
Our midyear exams just started and we had our PJK, sivics and art exams today. Sivics was okay, but I think I've completely screwed up my PJK + art already! I didn't know that they were going to test us on softball for PJK too until I saw the exam papers so I didn't manage to revise it. As it turns out 10/30 of the questions involved softball! T-T As for Seni, I think I am going to die because I used my brush to draw the outlines and the results were horrendous. Normally I would do outlines to cover up the paint flaws, but this time we're not allowed to use neither pens nor markers.

We'll be having both our BM papers along with our Science on Monday. I am terribly worried about my Sejarah, Geography and my.. Maths!
Photoscape is cheapskate, but it does come in handy sometimes!
I am gaining weight. Why? . . .
I finally bought my Maybelline but they ran out of the yellow/purple Magnum one, so I had to buy the pink/black Volum Express one. Sigh. ):
I can't wait for the holidays to go to.. Singapore! ^-^
Jia Deng and maybe Ngee Jin too will be there for Universal Studio.


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