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Apple Bottom Jeans
Tuesday, 4 May 2010, 7:54 pm

YEY I finally bought SHINee's 2009, Year of Us album hehe! ^-^
Hello. I think my Galaxie subscription is going to expire by the end of this semester and it's getting really boring already. I'm thinking that maybe I should subsribe to Cleo instead 'cos it's begining to appeal to me alot! ^-^ But the bad news is that I don't stand a chance to win those very chio! freebies from Galaxie if I don't continue my subscription. Eg. tickets to live shows, albums etc. Our midyear exams are in about four weeks' time and I'm here worrying about which magazine I should subscribe. Sigh. ):
I want an iPod Touch & Maybelline's Magnum Volum Express very badly huhuhu~! My parents actually agreed to buy an iTouch for me a few weeks ago but I don't know how come it ended up in my brother's hands. *dissapointed. But that's okay, I guess, my heart's content now that I have Jonghyun and Key right beside me every day. ^-^
Anyway, we had our class picture taken today and this year is the first time ever I actually get to sit in the front row! :D Actually, Raymus wanted to sit besides Jennifer and I but then I don't know how come we ended up switching places to the other end of the row. I don't know how the pictures will turn out but I really hope it won't be as shitty as last year's! Though I can't help but wonder if Pn. Doris/Pn. Sharizad will ask us to tag along in the Eng&Drama photoshoot tomorrow since we're such loyal members. HEHE.

A bunch of things I bought from Alyssa mag + the bun keychain we actually bought for Raymus. I don't know why everyone thought it was so surprising when we told them that the bun was for Raymus, and if I'm not mistaken we actually bought it for him as a birthday gift (he mentioned that he wanted it 'cos the keychain on his phone broke). I love the pink polka-dotted ribbon hehe, I don't regret buying it at all although we all expected it to come in a silkier material. Mmm.. In fact, I planning to buy a whole bunch of SHINee merch from the latest issue of Alyssa's mag. ^-^
Shockeroo: I'm watching some Taiwanese drama with Show Luo in it. wink!

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